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Submission Process

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The Thesis Processing Office is the central collection point and publisher for NPS theses, dissertations, capstones, MBA Professional Reports, and joint applied projects (hereafter referred to as “theses”). Each student is required to work with a thesis processor in his or her final quarter. We ensure that the thesis 1) meets NPS's format requirements, 2) meets high copyediting standards, 3) has all signatures, and 4) is properly marked with the faculty-designated DoD distribution statement. We also work to prevent the publication of plagiarized material, personally identifiable information (PII), unapproved human-subjects research, and nonpermissive copyrighted material. Theses are cataloged by the NPS library and DTIC.

During the thesis review, your thesis processor will focus on the "finishing touches" such as formatting, grammar, punctuation, and style. Examples of things we mark are inconsistent capitalization, citation use inconsistent with the declared citation style, images wider than the page margins, mismatching cross references, typos, inconsistent paragraph justification, spelling errors, and the like. Click here for more examples of the things we look for. The marked draft is then returned to the student, who must carry out the revisions globally in the thesis.


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Step-by-step submission guide

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Please tell us which type of student you are:

  • Classified papers: Click here if you are writing a classified thesis.
  • FOUO papers: Click here for marking guidance. For your recommended timeline, choose from a student type below.

Your recommended timeline is earlier than the thesis timeline. To be nominated as a current-quarter graduate, you must receive your Dissertation Acceptance Letter by close of business on Friday the 10th week of the quarter (two weeks before graduation day). See "Target submission dates" below.

Use the step-by-step guide under "I am a resident student" below with your submission dates in mind.

Will you be using the free editing service provided by NPS?




NPS provides free thesis editing of nearly final drafts to international students. Do keep in mind that editing will require extra time.

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Target submission dates 

September graduates:

Thesis, MBA reports, capstones, JAP:

Initial Draft: August 10
Final Draft: September 7

Dissertation dates click here

International students using an editor, click here

Graduation is September 21

Future Quarters

The Fine Print

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DL students: Because Python's new thesis dashboard has changed many procedures, DL students are required to watch the Spring 2018 brief. Here are the slides and the handouts.

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The brief tailored to the June class has been held. The submission process, template, and forms were covered.


A recording of a previous brief is provided for DL students.


Because procedures can vary from quarter to quarter, students are required to attend a brief during the quarter in which they graduate.