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Minimum draft requirements

  • Distribution statement on the cover of the First 8 Pages file
  • Draft and First 8 Pages file uploaded to thesis SharePoint site. SharePoint FAQ (see "SharePoint/Software" heading)
  • Three chapters formatted in the NPS thesis template. ALL PARAGRAPH style applied to all body paragraphs.
  • Chapters are 1) cited, 2) proofread, 3) reviewed by your advisor(s), and 4) free of track changes or comments
  • At least a partial (proofread!) list of references
  • File is named 18Sep_LastName_FirstName
    • If more than one author, file name is 18Sep_LastName1_LastName2_LastName3
    • If SE capstone, file is named using the last name of the first-listed author (by alphabet) on the cover page: 18Sep_SE Capstone_FirstAuthorLastName et al.
  • You are graduating in the current quarter




I meet the minimum requirements. I'm ready for review!

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