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Student Awards

The Space Systems Academic Group (SSAG) presents awards to outstanding graduates in the curricula of Space Systems Operations (typically in the Fall Graduation Ceremony) and Space Systems Engineering (typically in the Winter Graduation Ceremony)

Space Systems Operations

  • Space Systems Operations Award for Academic Excellence

  • Admiral William Adger Moffett Space Systems Award Space Systems Engineering

  • Space Systems Engineering Award for Academic Excellence

  • Astronaut Michael J. Smith, CAPT, USN, & Astronaut William C. McCool, CDR, USN Astronautics Award


A graduate thesis is a requirement for all students in the Space Systems Curricula. A thesis guide has been prepared for use by Space Systems Operations and Engineering students to assist them in the research and writing of the master's thesis. It outlines the specific steps necessary to successfully complete a thesis of high quality.

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Thesis Topics

A range of thesis research topics is available from the faculty of the Space Systems Academic Group.

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Experience Tour

The Space Systems Experience Tour is combined with the enrichment week quarters for site visits of entities related to space activities (Defense, Civilian, and Commercial).  Typical sites include Government facilities associated with the launch, operations and other facets of satellite use and commercial facilities responsible for the manufacture of space related hardware.


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