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MS SEA Degree Requirements:  36 hours of graduate level course, with at least 16 at the 4000 level.   Completion of Systems Engineering and Analysis course sequences, 3 SE Electives and completion of a 12 hour equivalent team capstone project or a thesis (by exception).  For MSSE degree purposes OA4702 Cost Estimation is an acceptable substitute for SE3011 Engineering Cost Estimation, and OS3380 Combat Systems Simulation is an accepted substitute for SE3250 Capabilities Engineering.  {Note:  ESR and p-code requirements for Navy students generate additional requirements covered by the other courses in the matrix.}

SE Electives Include:

SE 4003 Software Systems Engineering

SE 4353 Engineering Risk Management & Analysis

SE 4930 Model Based Systems Engineering

SE 4950 System of Systems Engineering

ME 4751 Combat Survivability, Reliability, and Systems Safety Engineering

OA 3411 Introduction to Human Systems Integration

OA 3401 Human Factors in System Design


Please contact the (308) Academic Associate,   Mark Stevens for any additional questions.

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