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Students and faculty at the Naval Postgraduate School are welcome to join our informal Wednesday brown-bag seminar series. All SEED students are expected to regularly attend. We meet from 1210-1250 in GL-286 (or the SEED Barn in GW-2007 as a backup).

Upcoming seminars:

  • July 20, 2017, 1500-1700 in GL109, Dr. Paul Sanchez - Basic version control with git.
  • SEED brown-bag seminars will resume in late July. Check back for an updated schedule.

Recent topics (2016-present):

  • Manuel Loewer, Major, German Army - An analysis of factors that influence logistics, operational availability, and flying hour supply of the German helicopter fleet
  • Silvio Pueschel, Lieutenant Colonel, German Army - Optimization of advanced multi-junction solar cell design for space environment using NOLH design of experiments
  • Akhtar Zaman, LCDR, Pakistan Navy - Convoy protection under multi-threat scenario
  • Capt Elle Ekman, USMC - Simulating sustainment for USMC distributed operations:  Shaping the concept of operations for USMC unmanned logistics systems
  • Capt Oludare Adeniji, USMC - Forecasting maintenance shortcomings of a planned Equipment Density Listing (EDL) in support of expeditionary missions
  • Maj Sam Gray, USMC - Agent-based simulation to support the effectiveness, procurement, and employment of non-lethal weapon systems
  • Capt Zach Maldonado - Determining tactical usage of non-lethal weapons for fixed site security of U.S. Embassies
  • Prof. Susan Sanchez and Prof. Tom Lucas - SEED Center Overview for new students
  • LT Kristin Erickson, US Navy - Analyzing tactics and techniques within distributed lethality using agent-based simulation
  • CDR Kevin Williams, US Navy - Exploring options for adding a Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) capability to the P8-A
  • Ali Opcin, LTjg Turkish Navy - Modeling anti-air warfare with discrete event simulation using the SIMKIT library
  • LT Hank Villatoro, US Navy - High energy laser employment in self defense tactics on naval platforms in a complex air environment
  • Salah Ilaslan, Captain, Turkish Air Force - Analysis of error propagation within hierarchical air combat models
  • Raja Sikandar, Pakistan Navy - Analysis of protection measures for naval vessels berthed at harbor for terrorist attacks
  • LT Michael Schambach, US Navy - Analysis of a long range undersea strike weapon
  • LT Melvin Cheang, Singapore Navy - Operational energy capability portfolio for protection of maritime forces against small boat swarms
  • Collin Erickson, Northwestern University - Adaptive sFFLHD sampling concept
  • Amara Borchers, SEED summer intern - Observing the behavior of a wildfire using Ruby
  • Rohit Jawle, SEED summer intern - Computer virus simulation
  • Emma Cushing, SEED summer intern - Modeling genetic diseases: A study of the autosomal genetic inheritance pattern
  • LCDR Kevin Fornal, US Navy - Evaluating risk associated with extended, uninterrupted testing of unmanned undersea vehicles
  • Dr. Paul Sanchez, NPS - Basic version control with git
  • Prof. David Kelton, University of Cincinnati - Irregular simulation: Input modeling, applications, and heresies
  • LT Allison Hogarth, US Navy - Improving Navy recruiting with data farming
  • LT Peter Balazaki, US Navy - Assessing the Navy's Officer Strategic Analysis Model (OSAM)

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