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Instrumentation & Capabilities

LIDAR analysis

Experience in exploitation of elevation data and waveform analysis using standard tools, such as Quick Terrain Modeler and ENVI.   Software development in Interactive Data Language (IDL) expertise developed for terrain classification and sensor fusion with imaging systems.

Terrestrial LiDAR: 

We have a nice collection of terrestrial laser scaners, and a large collection of survey grade GPS equipment for field work.

Riegl VZ-400
Faro Focus 3D

Spectral and Polarimetric Imagery analysis

Experience with various systems, exploitation techniques, particularly in display algorithms


Heavily used for ground truth in spectral imaging experiments, and an Ocean Optics system for in situ ocean measurements (including a trip to Midway Island)

• ASD FieldSpec Pro

• ASD FieldSpec 3
• ASD Handheld 2
• SVC HR1024i
• Ocean Optics Spectrometer

Optical Polarization Hardware

We've been working with the SALSA polarization camera from Bossa Nova Tech for several years.  This is a time-sequential system with a rotating liquid crystal polarizer.   We recently acquired a Flux-Data split-beam system with 3 cameras to study the differences (if any) in the phenomology based on design (Smoke, 2017)


Our Primary software tools:

IDL/ENVI (IDL license #301, from 1987 smiley)
ERDAS Imagine
Quick Terrain Modeler (QTM)
Agisoft Photoscan
RiScan Pro


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