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RoboDojo Regular Hours

Wednesdays: 0900-1600

Thursdays: 1000-1500

Fridays: 0930-1500

The RoboDojo is located in Root Hall 125 A/B (On the library end of Root Hall)

STG1 Cauffiel's Hours

Monday: 0900-1430                  Thursday: 0900-1430

Tuesday: 0900-1430                 Friday: Varies

Wednesday: 0900-1300

We are open many other hours for workshops and other events, so come on in if you see our door open. We would welcome the opportunity to show you our lab resources and to discuss your thesis and personal projects. 


If *you* would like to share your expertise or your projects with the NPS/RoboDojo community, please do email Kristen at ktsolis@nps.edu.

RoboDojo Workshop Schedule

Sign-in above for more information or to register for a workshop

Intro to 3D Printing  9/27, 10/11, 10/12, 11/1, 11/8, 11/29, 11/30
Avanced Cyber Capture the Flag  9/28, Remaining dates TBD
RoboDojo Open House  10/1
Intro to Cyber Capture the Flag Security Games  Starts 10/2, Every Tuesday following
Blinky Flashy: These aren't your Grandparents' Christmas Lights!  10/3
Introduction to Laser Cutting and Engraving  10/5, 11/12
AUV Prototype Development for Shipwreck Interior Exploration  10/9
3D Scanning for 3D Model Generation  10/10
Kali Linux for Beginners  10/10
Learn to Solder  10/16
FPV Flight Simulator for Drone Flying Training  10/16, 10/23
Software Defined Radio Lab: Reverse Engineer Digital Signals  10/17, 10/24, 10/31
Inductrix Micro FPV Drones: A Tiny, Gentle introduction to First Person View (FPV) Flying  10/18, 11/1
Blue Force/Red Force use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)  10/18
Arduino Basics  10/19
DIY Electric (EV) Car Conversion   10/29
Drone Flying at Impossible City  11/2
Vinyl Cutter Basics  11/6
Designing for the Laser Cutter/Engraver  11/7

Previous Classes and Links

View slide shows and links below from previous and upcoming classes

Introduction to 3D printing


Introduction to soldering


Introduction to Linux


Solving Impossible Problems - Emergent Algorythms



CNC Milling Instructions and Helpful Tips




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Welcome to the RoboDojo Community Website!

The RoboDojo is a dynamic innovation space (located on NPS campus in Root Hall, Room 125) where students, staff, faculty, and friends can come 'tinker' and learn about robot components and systems. Whether you're five or seventy-five years old, the RoboDojo is designed to promote informal hands-on learning with open hours and volunteer mentors to help the NPS community learn about:

  • rapid prototyping (e.g, with 3D printers and laser cutters);
  • embedded computing (e.g., with Arduino and Raspberry Pi);
  • basic electronics (e.g., with various electronics and breadboard components);
  • robotic software programming (e.g., for Robot Operating System in Python);
  • and more!  

The RoboDojo also hosts various community-led workshops, including recent gatherings on topics ranging from Basics of Solidworks, Intro to Printed Circuit Boards, to Laser Cutting and Engraving, and a Raspberry Pi Workshop.  The RoboDojo represents a grassroots initiative to promote collaborative and community learning, so feel free to stop by and learn about robots!

Be sure to click on the "Sign In" button on the left to access our extended website. 



RoboDojo Announcements

Posted 9/27/2018

1. News

Are you ready for Discover NPS Day on October 26th? We'll be opening the RoboDojo to the community that day and will be setting up a number of hands-on projects for students to enjoy.  There will also be an Ant Weight Combat Robot competition being held in Glasgow 102! Grades 6-12 will be using our kits to battle in the morning, and there will be a more aggressive (and sometimes destructive) event from 1300 in Glasgow. If you are interested in competing, email me at ktsolis@nps.edu, and we'll send along competition rules and can discuss some parts you might consider using. The deadline to sign up for the afternoon competition is October 12th.


Posted 1/9/2018

1. RoboDojo Support: Developments and Hours

At the end of January, we'll be seeing a new face in the RoboDojo. STG1 Corey Cauffiel will be helping students with projects that come into the lab, developing expertise on our gear, and maintaining a well-oiled and safe working environment for our users. As the quarter progresses, we'll be sharing our thanks and best wishes for PO3 Zieglmeier, so please do stop by and wish him the best.


The below might change with our personnel change, but at least until the end of January, we'll be open for the following hours:

Wed 0900-1600

Thurs 1000-1500

Friday 0930-1500


We are open other hours for workshops and for other events and would welcome the opportunity to show you our lab resources and to discuss your thesis and personal projects.


2. New Gear and Space

We've redesigned the workroom in the lab! Thanks to a generous donation by the NPS Foundation, we've bought new furniture and storage, and the space is coming together nicely. Our next redesign of the laser room will help us support additional safe milling and woodworking in the lab. We may have some additional exciting news to share about space, so stay tuned!


3. RoboDojo Workshop Schedule:

We've hit an all-time high of 38 workshops in the RoboDojo this quarter! The RoboDojo team of students, faculty, and staff are offering you a great series of Arduino workshops on Thursdays, Linux/Raspberry Pi/CTF workshops on Fridays, various drone workshops, 3D/CAD modeling, and far more! We're even hosting a biohacking workshop. If you need to cancel your workshop attendance, please do try to cancel early so that others may take your spot. Signup by clicking the "Sign In" button at the top of the page!



Posted 11/30/2017

1. Discover NPS Day: Open Lab & Combat Robots

The RoboDojo will be open 0900-1600 on Friday with lots of hands-on activities for visitors big and small. We'll also be in Ingersoll 122 1045-1300 for the Ant Weight Combat Robot competition. Thank you to the Makers Club and your group of volunteers who are helping to make this day a special one for our visitors! If you are free to help out with RoboDojo activities that day, please do sign up here. For more information on the event, click here.

Click here for more info about Discover NPS Day


2. Drones on the Softball Field: Friday 12/8 1300-1500

Our November workshop drone builders will be out testing their new First Person View (FPV) drones next Friday. Join us to watch pilots navigate their creations around an obstacle course on the softball field and find out what it's like to fly FPV drones.


3. RoboDojo Spring Workshop List: Interested in Teaching or Learning?

We're forming a new workshop list for the Spring Quarter and will be sending it out a bit after the new year. Do you have a robotics/electronics/programming/fabrication skill that you would like to share this quarter? Do you have any requests for workshop offerings? Email your ideas to ktsolis@nps.edu, and we'd welcome your input.


Archived Announcements