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SPAWAR Student Fellowship Program

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Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center-Pacific (SSC-Pacific) Student Research Fellowship Program. The Commander, SSC-Pacific sponsors this fellowship program to: provide SSC-Pacific partnerships with NPS addressing SSC-Pacific research focus area; lay the groundwork for future technical and project management assignments of SSC-Pacific; and foster long term professional associations with SSC-Pacific technical personnel and management.

Deadline for submission is 30 October 2017.

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  1. Fellowships are open to military and civilian U. S. citizens who are enrolled in a full-time graduate degree program at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).
  2. The applicant's course of study should be in an engineering or scientific specialty area with long range career objectives in technical management and acquisition for C4ISR systems.
  3. Fellowship appointments are for a 12-month period, and the applicant’s expected graduation date should allow 12 months to perform the proposed research.
  1. Complete the application requirements identified below. Submit a scanned copy of signed original to:  proposals@nps.edu.

    POC for questions about the submission process:

    Laura Ann Bonner
    Office of the Dean of Research
    (831) 656-2271
    Email: lkbonner@nps.edu 

    The NPS Office of the Dean of Research will review, endorse and forward applications to SSC Pacific.
  2. Select a research focus area from the list of selected SSC San Diego research focus areas in the Call for Proposals or select another area of interest to SSC Pacific. Your Fellowship proposal should indicate the relevance of the proposed research to SSC San Diego and the Navy. It is strongly recommended that you contact a technical POC at SSC Pacific prior to submitting your proposal.
  3. The NPS must have reviewed and endorsed the proposal prior to submission to SSC Pacific for consideration. A written endorsement from your faculty advisor must accompany your application and include a statement of concurrence with the conditions and stipulations of SSC Pacific Research Fellowship program participation.
  4. All application packages are submitted to SPAWAR at once. You will be notified when the packages are sent. The review process at SPAWAR takes 4-6 weeks. When NPS is notified of the results of the review, an email will be sent to the student with the outcome. Approximately two weeks after the decisions are made, the funding is sent to NPS. An individual account will be set up for each fellowship recipient. Accounting information will be forwarded by email from the Research Office. Further Guidelines about spending, travel requirements, retention of equipment will be provided at that time.
  1. Recipients will receive a stipend of $10,000 to apply toward their research during the one-year Fellowship appointment period. The stipend will be transferred to and administered by the NPS.
  2. A senior SSC Pacific scientist or engineer mentor will be assigned to each Fellowship recipient to facilitate collaboration with prominent government researchers in the recipient's specialty area.
  3. The recipient will have access to SSC Pacific laboratory and high performance computing resources if required

Further Information:

SSC Pacific: For further information, please contact Mr. J.D. Morrison, (619) 559-9991, jdmorris1@nps.edu.

NPS: For further information, please contact Laura Ann Bonner at extension 2271 or by e-mail, lkbonner@nps.edu.

The following items must be included in your package:

  1. SRF Application Summary Sheet
  2. Standard NPS Proposal Routing Form
  3. A written research initiative proposal that includes your research emphasis area, the relevance of the research to SPAWARSYSCEN-Pacific special focus and Navy needs, the technical approach, and the allocation of the stipend.
  4. Executive summary of proposed work
  5. Proposed Budget
  6. Evaluations and endorsements from your faculty advisor
  7. Academic transcripts for courses taken toward the degree you are presently pursuing.

Download a copy of the checklist.

Submit the a scanned copy of the signed original to proposals@nps.edu.