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Instructions for Publications @NPS

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Public Release Policy for Scholarly Material

Naval Postgraduate School Public Release Policy for scholarly materials is governed by NPSINST 5720.2. The process places the authority and responsibility for initial determination of releasability of scholarly materials with the author. The author is, in turn, responsible for taking training that will identify the various types of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) along with points of contact should he or she have any questions.

Please note:

  1. This is a change from the interim public release policy of 9 April 2013.
  2. The author is responsible for knowing the regulations and applying them with each document that is released to the public; He or she is not, however, responsible for submitting a tracking document or form with each document.
  3. In lieu of individual forms, faculty authors will be required to attest annually as part of the Faculty Activity Report (FAR) process that they are familiar with the rules governing CUI and have applied them in each of the publications listed.
  4. CUI training is accessible via the Sakai link below for all faculty members. New faculty members or other staff members requiring access to the training should contact the research office.
  5. In those individual cases for which public funds are to be used to pay publication page charges, it will be necessary to include a hardcopy of the public release review form as part of the KFS purchase request (i.e., continue to use the form linked below with the KFS requests for page charge payments). More information on this process is available on the Contracting Portal link.


Training Links:

Technical Report Guidance

Copyright Declaration Form

Faculty submitting articles for publication may be asked to sign a "release or assign" copyright protection. As works written in the course of the faculty's employment by the United States Government are not covered by copyright protection, there are no rights to "assign." In the cases where the publisher must have a declaration to accept the publication, the Copyright Declaration Form is acceptable for use.

Office of General Counsel Guidance: