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Do you manage a laboratory at NPS?  Do you want more visibility when VIPs are visiting NPS?  Are you interested in hosting a Lab Tour?  If so, please click "+ Add Laboratory Tours" below and fill in the form.  When interested parties are planning to come to campus, someone will contact you to arrange a tour!

If you need to be removed from the list, please contact the Research Office.

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Laboratory Tours

PI Name Laboratory Name Laboratory Description of Work Location Foreign Nationals OK? POC Information
Jeff Paduan Radar and Drifter (RAD) Lab Remote sensing of ocean surface currents using shore-based, high-frequency (HF) radar systems. Sp-252 Yes Mike Cook
Marcello Romano (NPS-MAE & NPS-SSAG) Spacecraft Robotics Laboratory Dynamics, Guidance, Control & Navigation of autonomous spacecraft with emphasis to proximity and attitude maneuvering. Dynamic, Guidance and Control of autonomous multi-body robotic systems (e.g. aerial manipulation). Halligan 034 Yes Marcello Romano
Dragoslav Grbovic Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory (NPS Cleanroom) Cleanroom (Class 1,000 and class 10,000) laboratory with silicon microfabrication and characterization processes. It supports photolithography, thin film growth, plasma and wet etching, CNT growth and film characterization. Watkins - 214 Yes Dragoslav Grbovic
(831) 656 - 2276
Dragoslav Grbovic (NPS Physics and NPS CMR) Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory (NPS Cleanroom) Cleanroom (Class 1,000 and class 10,000) laboratory with silicon microfabrication and characterization processes. It supports photolithography, thin film growth, plasma and wet etching, CNT growth and film characterization. Watkins 214 Yes Dragoslav Grbovic
(831) 656-2276
Joe Hooper Terminal Ballistics Lab This lab, housed off-site at the golf course complex, contains a 0.5" gas gun system used for terminal ballistics work. The gun is capable of launching projectiles in excess of 1 km/s and target interactions are observed with high-speed videography and other diagnostics. Building 230 Yes Joe Hooper
Joe Hooper Impact Physics Labs These labs contain a 3" diameter gas gun and several Hopkinson bar impact systems. This equipment is designed to measure material response under the extreme loading conditions experience in a warhead or during ordnance impact. Spanagel 27 and 17 Yes Joe Hooper
Albert Barreto III Virtualization and Cloud Computing Lab / CODA This lab is the result of a collaborative effort between Information Sciences and Defense Analysis. The facility provides hands on research opportunities using state of the art computational technologies, including HADOOP, VMware, and 100 Gb Infiniband networking, using software tools and techniques developed in house and in the open source community by Data Scientists and Data Analysts. We have access several diverse data sets including social media, global news, and satellite Imagery to name a few. Root 204A Yes Albert Barreto III
831 656 3072
Jonathan Phillips Electrical Energy Storage We are a Materials lab focused on the design, synthesis, testing and characterization of novel materials for electrical energy storage. Particular successes include the development of a novel class of materials, super dielectric materials, with dielectric constants orders of magnitude higher than any previously recorded, and the synthesis and testing of novel Sn based electrodes for Li ion batteries. Watkins 223 No Jonathan Phillips or Claudia Luhrs
505 577-6584
Larry Shattuck Human Systems Integration Lab Provides NPS faculty and students the ability to collect a wide range of human performance data that can be used to improve system design and optimize total system performance. Glasgow 221 Yes Larry Shattuck
Amela Sadagic Virtual Environments Lab Our laboratory supports student and faculty research in domains of Virtual Environments; Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, and Human Factors. Watkins Blds, Room 212-A Yes Amela Sadagic
Doron Drusinsky Software Verification Run-time verification of mission critical requirements using formal specifications GE-311 No Doron Drusinsky
Alan Howard Energy Academic Group The Energy Academic Group conducts energy education, outreach, and research efforts to improve the energy security, resiliency, and capability of our armed forces and our allies. Our educational programs promote effective energy management so our forces can do more with the resources at their disposal. Our outreach programs work with our domestic and international partners to share knowledge and collaborate on some of the biggest challenges in energy security. Through our research, we discover ways for our armed forces to improve their mission capability and resiliency by using their energy resources more effectively. A great example of this is the Optimized Transit Tool & Easy Reference (OTTER) program, which can help surface ships transit more efficiently so they aren’t forced to interrupt their mission to refuel at their destination. Bldg 281, Quarters D Yes Nora O'Connor
Anthony J Gannon Turbopropulsion Laboratory Gas Turbine component design and testing facilities. Transonic compressor rig, cascade windtunnel, supersonic windtunnels and gas dynamics laboratory. Bldg 215 Yes Anthony J Gannon
831 656 2880
Anthony J Gannon Renewable Energy Laboratory Demonstrations laboratory for facilities energy. Microgrids, hybrid supercapacitor operation. Thermal storage, compressed air energy storage. Demand matching control systems. 216 Yes Anthony J Gannon
831 656 2880
Kevin B Smith Undersea Sensing Systems Lab This lab contains several UUV gliders and two Liquid Robotics Wave Gliders, along with various oceanographic and acoustic sensors, including advanced acoustic vector sensors, and acoustic modems. Research conducted in this lab involves studies of networking between autonomous systems, improved tracking and navigation of submerged systems, environmental remote sensing, and employing advanced acoustic sensors for detecting and tracking underwater targets of interest, including marine mammals. SP-038 Yes Kevin B. Smith
Ron Giachetti Systems Engineering Labs The Systems Engineering Department operates several educational laboratories to provide students with engineering knowledge of a wide range of DoD weapon and sensor systems as well as multiple research laboratories for supporting hands-on thesis and capstone projects related to unmanned systems, additive manufacturing, virtual/augmented reality, directed energy, and more. Bullard Hall 201K Yes Albert Jordan
Joseph T Klamo Hydrodynamics Lab Lab contains a 36 foot long towing tank with wavemaking capabilities for testing the hydrodynamic performance of surface ships and underwater vehicles in various wave environments. Halligan Hall, 1st Floor (Southest corner) Yes Joseph T Klamo
Gamache Armor Development Lab Application of energetic's and high pressure gasses are used to study material properties of armor materials under high strain rate events 216 Yes Raymond Gamache
Chun-Hsien Wu Materials Characterization Lab Materials Characterization Lab includes many state of art instruments for materials characterization. Zeiss Neon 40 scanning electron microscope can perform the topographical details, shape and size of sample structures to the nanometric level. X-ray powder diffractometer can perform qualitative and quantitative structural analysis of polycrystalline materials. The Tecnai Osiris fully digital 200 kV scanning transmission electron microscope can provide high resolution imaging down to atomic scale. Watkins 230, 231, 232 Yes Chun-Hsien Wu
Brophy Rocket Propulsion Laboratory Solid and Liquid Rocket Engine Testing. Heated high-pressure air supply system available for direct-connect testing of supersonic air-breathing propulsion systems such as ramjets, ducted rockets, and rotating detonation engines. Bldg 217/Room 101 Yes Robert Wright
Richard Olsen Remote Sensing Laboratory Home to a variety of field units, focused now mostly on 3D imaging. Multiple laser scanners for use indoors and outdoors. Sp-013 Yes RC Olsen
Garth Hobson Marine Propulsion Diesel engine and gas turbine testing and development, including alternate fuels, co-generation and waste heat recovery. WA-128 Yes Doug Seivwright
Peter Ateshian CS Mobile Computing Wireless Group EB10 - Basement Glasgow East -2 rooms Laser Morse Code demo through water and air SISO signaling using Arduino cores for Tx and Rx functions. QR code LED panels for MIMO optical signaling. Energy Harvesting, SensorTile and Cyber Security for micro grids. Femto satellite and IoT TRNG STEM intern projects which resulted in two dual major MSc degrees from 2016. Glasgow East -EB10 aka the BatCave Yes Adrian Felder Capt USMC
415 470 1008
prateshi@nps.edu prateshi@gmail.com