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Student Research Tips

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Interacting with people or accessing information about people?
Ask for an IRB determination!

IRB approval is required before interacting with subjects and identifiable information. 
This includes recruitment, consent, and data collection. 

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IRB Student Research Checklist

Students complete this checklist when writing their dissertation proposal, thesis proposal, or project plan. If student research involves any of the activities listed in the checklist a Human Subject Determination Request or IRB Initial Review Package must be completed and submitted to the IRB for review.

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Completing the Application

  • Follow the instructions provided in the IRB Guidance Document found in the back of the application.  This will help ensure you provide all the information the IRB needs to review your research.
  • PI stands for Principal Investigator.  Thesis /Project Advisor(s) serve as the PI on student research.


Ethics Training

  • Each member of the research team who has access to identifiable data or will have interaction with subjects is required to take the training.  At minimum this includes the thesis/project advisor and any student investigators.
  • Proof of completed training is required with the IRB application package.  Follow the registration instructions to ensure the correct training is completed.  It takes 4-6 hours to complete the training so start early.


Submission Timelines

Allow yourself two weeks to put the IRB application package together.

IRB review and approval:


IS IRB Review Required?

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Contact the IRB