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About the NPS IRB

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The IRB’s  primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and welfare of human research subjects. IRB roles, responsibilities and authorities include but are not limited to: 

  • Recommend approval, require modification to secure approval, table or defer review or disapprove human subject research.
  • Take any action necessary to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects.
  • Suspend or terminate human subject research that has been associated with unexpected serious harm to subjects or is in non-compliance with human research protection policy.
  • Conduct prospective and continuing review of human subject research.
  • Conduct prospective review and approval of changes to previously approved research. 
  • Reviews all audit findings or other reports (e.g., medical monitor reports) related human subject research.


IRB Members

  • Dr. Larry Shattuck, Senior Lecturer, OR (Chair)
  • LCDR Brennan Cox, USN (Vice Chair)
  • Bryan Hudgens, Lecturer (Vice Chair)
  • Dr. Kathryn Aten, Assistant Professor, GSBPP
  • Mr. Michael McCarrin, Research Associate, CS
  • MAJ Jared Shingleton, USA, Analyst, TRAC Monterey
  • Dr. Quinn Kennedy, Lecturer, OR
  • Dr. Christopher Darnton, Assistant Professor, NSA
  • Mr. Tony Kendall, Lecturer, IS
  • Dr. Leo Blanken, Assistant Professor, DA
  • Dr. Bradley Strawser, Assistant Professor, DA
  • Mr. Gregory Miller, Senior Lecturer, SE
  • MAJ Paul Lester, USA, Director, Army Analytics Group
  • Maj. Elizabeth Combs, USAF, NSA Student Rep

Interested in joining the IRB?  Contact Dr. Larry Shattuck for more information. 

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