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Foreign Visitors

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How are export control concerns addressed with respect to foreign visitors at NPS?

Almost every NPS program, school, center, or institute has an increasing numbers of visitors. There is increasing interest of hiring foreign national faculty and staff. These future valued employees and current students who are citizens of other countries-countries that may be subject to restrictions on the exchange of specific technologies. Remember, an export can occur through a variety of means, including oral communications, written documentation, computer software, and visual inspection of equipment or facilities. An export can also occur even if the transfer of information or technology (by the same oral, written, or visual means) takes place within NPS. This is known as a deemed export.

To ensure that technical data, software, and/or commodities are properly protected, you must review these areas and resolve any export control concerns before the visit. These visits and assignments must be conducted in a manner consistent with U.S., DOD, Dept. of Navy, and NPS security policies, requirements, and objectives including export control laws and regulations.

For more information visit the Security Manager's page on Foreign Visitors. (Internal Users Only)