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How are export control concerns addressed with respect to NPS documents?

NPS creates hundreds of documents every year. These documents cover a wide range of content and scope, and vary between scientific, technical and administrative. Some are written for limited audiences, some for the scientific community outside NPS, and some are written for the general public.

These documents are approved for dissemination through NPS’s “review and release processes.” These processes, across the various NPS schools and research institutes, facilitate the release of the documents while protecting them from inappropriate disclosure or dissemination. During these review and release processes, the documents (thesis, journal articles, etc.,) can be reviewed for, among other things such as PII and classified information, export control.

This is first addressed by the author and the sponsoring program/agency and may further involve the Navy International Programs Office (NIPO) and NPS Export Control Office.

Additional guidance on the NPS review and release process for export control can be found in the NPS Information Control Plan.