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Global Connections Speaker Series: Dr. Peter Krause

Date: October 23, 2017 to October 23, 2017
Time: 1200-1330
Location: Glasgow Hall, Rm. 322


On 23 October 2017, NSA will host Dr. Peter Krause from Boston College for the Global Connections Speaker Series. Dr. Krause will give a talk titled after his book by the same name, Rebel Power: Why National Movements Compete, Fight, and Win. In his talk, Krause will discuss why some national movements have independent states today (Israelis and Algerians), while others do not (Kurds and Palestinians. Using evidence gathered from fieldwork, archival research, and more than 150 interviews with participants who participated in four national movements (Palestinian, Zionist, Algerian, and Irish), the author will also provide and support his theory regarding the causes of terrorism.


To read more about Dr. Krause, click here.

To read more about his book, click here.