Certificate Programs


The Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Management Certificate consists of 4 courses designed to enable DoD and other federal workforce members to efficiently apply M&S tools to support acquisition activities throughout a program lifecycle. M&S acquisition requires substantial up-front planning and unique considerations for their effective use. The M&S Management Certificate program is targeted for students who seek further knowledge regarding the purposeful, effective application of M&S systems to support the acquisition lifecycle, for example, personnel in the DoD Acquisition Workforce.

This certificate is offered jointly by faculty of the Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Institute and the Systems Engineering Department. It is designed to increase the technical, analytical and management skills of officers and other professionals so they can efficiently apply M&S tools to support acquisition activities throughout a program lifecycle and make purposeful, effective application of M&S systems. The certificate also serves as the gateway into a distance-learning degree in M&S for Acquisition and the Master of Science in Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation degree in residence at NPS and in less time than for a standard resident program. The M&S Management Certificate is taught using web-based delivery, allowing students anywhere in the world to enroll. For active duty Navy officers textbooks are the only cost.


Modeling and Simulation Certificate Courses

MV/SE3101 Introduction to M&S in DoD: A solid foundation in the origin, evolution, breadth and importance of DoD modeling and simulation (M&S), and the utilization of M&S in DoD system acquisition life cycle.

SE3420 M&S in Acquisition I: Examines pre-acquisition M&S activities and identifies the appropriate M&S approach for a given task in the initial phases of the acquisition life cycle.

SE4420 M&S in Acquisition II: Appropriate application of M&S tools in the final phases of the acquisition life cycle, including M&S for sustainment and training support.

MV4460 Management of M&S: Prepares the student to enter the world of modeling and simulation requirements, implementation, testing, and deployment phases as a manager.



Provide students with an educational foundation preparing them for roles requiring an understanding of how M&S systems are acquired, implemented and supported to provide the warfighter the skills and tools required for mission success.

Program Management: Provides students with an educational foundation that prepares them for assignments related to the application of M&S to research, design, development, procurement, integration, maintenance, and life cycle management of systems for defense and national security.

Operational Utilization: The educational foundation will allow students to understand the capabilities and limitations of M&S and to effectively manage M&S in diverse military settings.


Student Eligibility

The student must have a baccalaureate degree with above-average grades. Familiarity with the basics of acquisition management is an assumed prerequisite. For example, NPS MN3331 or DAU ACQ101 satisfy this prerequisite.

Apply online at: https://www.nps.edu/Students/Prospective/index.html

Academic Associate: Gene Paulo
Program Officer: Mark Rhoades
Price for Navy commands sending their officers here is $0. Free!
NPS Curriculum number: 265.
Applications are to be sent to NPS admissions.
Start date: targeted once a year.