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New Book in 2017 by Prof. Pante Stanica

Prof. Pante Stanica co-authored (with T.W. Cusick) the second edition of his book on Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications, published by Elsevier-Academic Press. Boolean functions are the building blocks of symmetric cryptographic systems. Symmetrical cryptographic algorithms are fundamental tools in the design of all types of digital security systems (i.e. communications, financial and e-commerce). The book is a concise reference that shows how Boolean functions are used in cryptography. Currently, practitioners who need to apply Boolean functions in the design of cryptographic algorithms and protocols need to patch together needed information from a variety of resources (books, journal articles and other sources). This book compiles the key essential information in one easy to use, step-by-step reference.  CLick here to see the book: https://www.elsevier.com/books/cryptographic-boolean-functions-and-applications/cusick/978-0-12-811129-1