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We are revamping our Resources page! Meanwhile, find a few key resources below; we expect to have a super user-friendly Resources page for both resident and distance learning students in 2018. Distance learners, please remember that we’re here to coach you, too. We love to hear from you. Make a coaching appointment today!

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Why write?

CNO Richardson has published an impassioned plea to all Navy personnel to make a rigorous habit of reading and writing, to benefit the Navy's mission (“Now Hear This – Read. Write. Fight” [with Lt. Ashley O'Keefe, USN], Proceedings Magazine, June 2016). He opens:

I want to revitalize the intellectual debate in our Navy. We all—officers, enlisted, and civilians—need to develop sound and long-term habits for reading and writing during the entire course of our careers. We must challenge our own assumptions, be informed by the facts, and be aware of the current context. We must commit to self-improvement, through formal schools and courses, and especially through self-education. I strongly encourage you to read, think, and write about our naval profession. Our Navy benefits from a vigorous intellectual debate.

His words work just as well as a justification for your presence, as students, at NPS. The Navy is a large, complex, and technologically-advanced organization. It can't function well unless all hands stay abreast of the issues related to their mission and think creatively and critically about the challenges our nation faces.

The CNO added sage comments that echo the philosophy we teach in the Graduate Writing Center:

Understand that you are accountable for your writing. You own what you write. So know your subject and the context surrounding your topic—do your research. Speak in your own voice. Be ready to defend your position. When you write, your ideas are going to be challenged and maybe harshly criticized. That is acceptable. Learn from it, and come back better.

Dmitry Filipoff, writing for the Center for International Maritime Security (“Operationalizing the CNO’s Call to Read and Write,” June 27, 2016), expands in detail on the CNO's article.

We encourage you to read both articles at the above links.

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Book List

Click here for a pdf listing the writing books in the DKL-GWC collection.