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GSDM’s diverse faculty comprises individuals from academic, professional, civilian, and military service backgrounds with strengths in graduate instruction and research spanning many domains. With concentrations in acquisition, program management, contracting, financial management, logistics, manpower and systems analysis, and information technology management, the depth and breadth of GSDM faculty defense expertise is unlike any in the country.

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Kathleen Giles
Kathleen Giles Assistant Professor Acquisition Management
Raymond D. Jones Professor of the Practice Acquisition Management
James B. Greene
James B. Greene Professor of the Practice Acquisition Management
Brad Naegle
Brad Naegle Senior Lecturer Acquisition Management
Keith F. Snider
Keith F. Snider Dean GSDM, Professor Acquisition Management
Rene G. Rendon
Rene G. Rendon Associate Professor Acquisition Management
Elliott Cory Yoder
Elliott Cory Yoder Senior Lecturer Acquisition Management
Philip J. Candreva
Philip J. Candreva Senior Lecturer Financial Management
Robert J. Eger III
Robert J. Eger III Professor Financial Management
Steve Landry
Steve Landry Senior Lecturer Financial Management
Amilcar A. Menichini
Amilcar A. Menichini Associate Professor Financial Management
Juanita M. Rendon
Juanita M. Rendon Lecturer Financial Management
Chong Wang
Chong Wang Associate Professor Financial Management
Kathryn J. Aten
Kathryn J. Aten Associate Professor Management & Organizations
Frank J. Barrett
Frank J. Barrett Professor Management & Organizations
Mie Augier
Mie Augier Professor Management & Organizations
Patricia Cook
Patricia Cook Professor Management & Organizations
Nicholas Dew
Nicholas Dew Professor Management & Organizations
Marco S. DiRenzo
Marco S. DiRenzo Associate Professor Management & Organizations
Deborah E. Gibbons
Deborah E. Gibbons Associate Professor Management & Organizations
Edward (Ned) Powley
Edward (Ned) Powley Associate Professor Management & Organizations
Anita M. Salem
Anita M. Salem Research Associate Management & Organizations
Gail Fann Thomas
Gail Fann Thomas Associate Professor Management & Organizations
Jeremy Arkes
Jeremy Arkes Associate Professor Manpower & Economics
Marigee Bacolod
Marigee Bacolod Associate Professor Manpower & Economics
Latika Chaudhary
Latika Chaudhary Hartmann Associate Professor Manpower & Economics
Jesse M. Cunha
Jesse M. Cunha Associate Professor Manpower & Economics
William Gates
William Gates Professor Manpower & Economics
William D. Hatch II
William D. Hatch II Senior Lecturer Manpower & Economics
Yu-Chu Shen
Yu-Chu Shen Professor Manpower & Economics
Aruna Apte
Aruna Apte Professor Operations & Logistics
Uday Apte
Uday Apte Distinguished Professor Operations & Logistics
Alan Ballard
Alan Ballard Assistant Professor Operations & Logistics
Ira Lewis
Ira Lewis Associate Professor Operations & Logistics
Eddine Dahel
Eddine Dahel Senior LecturerOperations & Logistics
Kenneth H. Doerr
Kenneth H. Doerr Associate Professor Operations & Logistics
Geraldo Ferrer
Geraldo Ferrer Professor Operations & Logistics
Simon Véronneau
Simon Véronneau Associate Professor Operations & Logistics
Daniel Reich Assistant Professor Operations & Logistics
Susan K. Aros
Susan K. Aros Assistant Professor Operations & Logistics
Bryan J. Hudgens
Bryan J. Hudgens Lecturer Operations & Logistics
Susan Sanchez
Susan Sanchez Professor Operations & Logistics
Robert F. Mortlock
Robert F. Mortlock Professor of the Practice Acquisition Management
Spencer T. Brien
Spencer T. Brien Assistant Professor Financial Management
Charles K. Pickar
Charles K. Pickar Senior Lecturer Acquisition and System Engineering
Jennifer Heissel
Jennifer Heissel Assistant Professor Manpower & Economics
Tom Ahn
Tom Ahn Assistant Professor Manpower & Economics
William Muir, Major, USAF
William Muir, Major, USAF Assistant Professor
Acquisition Management
Judith Hermis
Judith Hermis Assistant Professor Financial Management
John Blake, VADM (Ret)
John Terrence Blake, VADM (Ret) Professor of Practice Financial Management
Eva Regnier
Eva Regnier Professor Operations & Logistics
Ryan S. Sullivan
Ryan S. Sullivan Associate Professor Financial Management
Kelley Poree
Kelley Poree Lecturer Acquisition Management
Simona Tick
Simona Tick Lecturer Manpower & Economics
Mitchell Friedman
Mitchell Friedman Senior Lecturer Management & Organizations