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How to Participate



Read the RFI 


Propose an Experiment 


Register to Attend


 Request for Information


For information about FX areas of interest, and how to run an experiment at the event, please see the event's Request for Information (RFI). 

Attendance at FX is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please preview the RFI document for experiment proposal submission instructions. If accepted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation notifying you of your acceptance. Attendance as an observer is possible, but is reserved for government employees.


 Application to Conduct an Experiment


Applicants interested in attending an NPS FX event to conduct an experiment should submit an experiment proposal for consideration. Multiple proposals addressing different experiments may be submitted and reviewed individually, however each proposal must address only one experiment. Experiment proposals are submitted through a series of web fields. Please include all information in the web fields, attached documents will not be considered.

Do not submit experiment proposals with requests for funding. Your submission will be treated as information only; it will not be treated as a proposal for funding. NPS FX experiments are self-funded by experimenters.

For more information, see What is NPS FX? 

Please review "Important Dates" above for submission deadlines for each event



 Register to Attend

Every individual who will physically attend the event must register in order to be granted gate access and receive the necessary badging. Registrants from state, local, and federal government agencies are guaranteed acceptance. Non-government individuals not affiliated with an experiment proposal may register, however acceptance is not guaranteed.

Register to Attend