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Other IO-Related Activities at or Sponsored by NPS

Info Chess

The game of chess has a long been associated with war gaming. Chess is a tool for learning competitive strategy, information operations and information warfare. Info Chess was developed by the Man Tech Security and Mission Assurance as a war gaming tool. Info chess uses three chess boards; there are two competing teams and one control team. The competing teams are in separate rooms and do not see the other team's board. Teams use information denial, deception, and intelligent collection to gain the competitive advantage. The game’s purpose is to teach the principles of integrating psychological operations, military deception, operation security, electronic warfare, and physical destruction. Info Chess simulates a battle arena where neither side has complete and total knowledge of the other side's strategies and tactics.



Student IO Tour

Each year the DoD IOCR sponsors a group of NPS student from IO-related curricula across various departments to travel back to the national capital region for a week of visits with organizations/agencies that are responsible for IO-related activities within DoD and across the US government. The trip is normally conducted during the third week of September. NPS students wishing to participate should notify the IOCR as soon as possible within the fiscal year. Organizations that would like to host a visit (no cost) can notify the IOCR at InfoIOC@nps.edu.