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IO-Related Conferences/Workshops/Working Groups Hosted or Sponsored by NPS Activities

Various activities at NPS, to include the DoD IO Center for Research, host or sponsor IO-related conferences, workshops, and working groups (meeting on a regular basis). Not all of these activities are held on NPS proper.  Some are held in the local community, and some are held in locations outside the Monterey Peninsula.

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Conferences at or sponsored by NPS activities

  • Cyber Endeavour 2017:  The purpose of Cyber Endeavour is to provide an interactive, working level environment for leaders and operators to collectively discuss the most critical Cyber challenges and problems facing our nation’s armed services and to identify potential solutions. The focus is the nation's cyber resiliency. Collaboration between Cyber entities in the battlespace is fundamental to mission success.  Prominent leaders, contributors and representatives from the military, government, academia, and industry will come together to address current and emerging technologies in Cyber.  This year's theme is "Asymmetric Deterrence through Cyber Space 2022 - Threats, Concepts, and Solutions"


Workshops at or sponsored by NPS activities

  • Cyber Analogies: The purpose for the Cyber Analogies Project was to assist US Cyber Command in advancing the Command’s priorities by identifying and developing analogies to the cyber domain that can be used to inform and educate stakeholders and stimulate discourse at the unclassified level. Development of analogies can also assist in improving understanding of the cyber environment.
  • FARC Network Analysis: The FARC Workshop closely examined the FARC to determine its current strengths, weaknesses and critical vulnerabilities across a wide range of disciplinary aspects, employing systems and network analytical methodologies.  The workshop exposed participants to cutting edge irregular warfare analytical methodology used to illuminate networked adversaries. The resultant workshop report provided insights to Colombian policy makers and security planners as they consider how to finally defeat the FARC.
    • Dates: September 22-24, 2011
  • Iran Futures: In September 2010, NPS hosted a workshop in Monterey focusing on the determinants and markers of different trajectories that domestic Iranian politics might take in the coming few years.  Those futures, in broad brush, were sharply greater liberalization, deepening authoritarianism, or a continuation of the status quo.  Most participants believed that the status quo would likely hold in the coming few years, although there was minority sentiment that authoritarianism might deepen sooner, including through a more active and direct role by the Pasdaran/IRGC in the political process.  Many participants believed that in the longer term it was likely that significant liberalization would take root in Iran. NPS hosted a second Iran Futures workshop in September 2012.  The purpose of this follow-up workshop was twofold.  First, we revisited our findings from 2010 in order to gauge what we got right, what we got wrong, and why.  Consistent with this self-assessment, we wanted to identify major dynamics over the past two years to assess which future is now most likely in the post-Ahmadinejad era.  Second, we wanted to concentrate more on Iran’s role in the region, not just its internal politics. The ability of the United States to shape outcomes inside Iran and within a regional framework pertaining to Iran were factored into the discussions in September 2012.

Working groups at or sponsored by NPS activities