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Dental Treatment Services


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Sickcall: We will see Sickcall patients throughout the day. However, depending on the nature of the problem you may be asked to return during an "opening" in the schedule or be asked to wait.

Exam: Annual exams are routinely scheduled every 15 minutes. We ask that you allow yourself a full hour as unexpected delays and sickcall patients occasionally interrupt the exam schedule. Every attempt will be made to get you in and out in a timely manner. Official notification that you need an annual exam is sent to you via e-mail. Please understand that we are required by NAVY directives to maintain a DENTAL READINESS LEVEL to ensure MISSION READINESS. Therefore, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible for scheduling.

Overseas Screening: We ask that you call us to schedule an appointment. Please attempt to have all family members present at one time. You should have all necessary forms (e.g. NAVPERS 1300/1 or equivalent) and bring photocopies of ALL treatment provided by current local civilian dentists. You may ask your family member's dentist to provide duplicate or original x-rays for the screening. Otherwise, new x-rays will be taken.

Cleanings: Routine cleanings are provided twice per year or as needed depending on the recommendation of the Dental Officer. You must FIRST schedule an exam before your cleaning appointment or a cleaning must be indicated in your current treatment plan, if recently seen at a previous command.

Restorative Dentistry and Specialized Care: Routine fillings, root canal treatment, limited prosthodontics (replacement of missing teeth, fixing bridges/dentures and crowns) periodontal (gum) therapy as well as minor oral surgery procedures are provided. More complex procedures may need to be referred to a civilian dentist providing that type of specialized care. We cannot provide orthodontic treatment and suggest you contact a civilian orthodontist for any of these needs. We will assist you (x-rays, pre-orthodontic extractions, study casts, etc.) in every way possible.

Nightguards/Sportsguards: We are able to fabricate nightguards and athletic mouthguards as needed depending on the recommendation of the Dental Officer.