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  • Reaches across the Navy, Marine Corps, Department of Defense, academia, and industry

  • Collaborative environment for the advancement of unmanned systems education and research endeavors

  • Community of interest for unmanned systems in military and naval operations

  • Encompasses the successful research, education, and experimentation efforts in unmanned systems

  • An inclusive community for all disciplines

  • Conducts concept generation workshops for naval missions

  • Hosts technical symposia to address naval missions, and field experimentation to test selected technologies

At the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, the Naval Postgraduate School leverages its long-standing experience and expertise in the research and education of robotics and unmanned systems to support the Navy's mission. The Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER) serves as a vehicle to align currently disparate research efforts and integrate academic courses across discipline boundaries. CRUSER Charter Document (2017)


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The Naval Postgraduate School is envisioning a new public-private facility near the main campus - the Sea, Land, Air Military Research (SLAMR) facility.  The SLAMR facility will be a multi-domain distributed environment for integrated operational robotic/autonomous system education and research.  We are looking for your help to shape the future of this facility!


Please Visit the SLAMR Website for More Information (CLICK HERE)

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Upcoming Events




CRUSER Seminar Tuesday, 16 April 2019, 1200-1250 in the ME Auditorium

Dr. William F. Bundy 

Associate Provost for Warfighting Research and Development

U.S. Naval War College, Newport Rhode Island


ABSTRACT:  How will the defense establishment deliver sensors, control systems and weapons that are evolving on an accelerating basis? How will warfighters keep pace with “smarter – thinking” systems that communicate in natural language and hold deeper knowledge sets than human operators? Rather than years of development and testing, evolving systems and components are delivered to warfighters in “Amazon” speed, inserted in standard slots and launchers with “quick start” instructions, intuitive controls and natural language operation. We’ll explore the art of the possible with a view toward warfare in the Fourth Age.


BIO: Dr. Bundy served in the Navy for more than 30 years prior to returning to the Naval War College as a Center for Naval Warfare Studies (CNWS) faculty member. He has led warfighting concept development and advanced research projects that have been deployed in the Fleet and the Joint Force. Dr. Bundy created the initial concept of operations for Navy Ballistic Missile Defense, warfighting concepts for the Ohio Class Guided Missile Submarine and recently contributed to introduction of Distributed Lethality in the Navy. He has mentored more than 330 war college graduate research students.


CRUSER TechCon 2019

Wednesday 17 April 2019 0900-1600 ME Auditorium 

0900 Opening Reception - ME Auditorium Foyer

0930 Welcome Address - VADM Ann Rondeau USN (ret), NPS President

1000 PANEL 1: Government Innovators

  • CDR Pablo Breuer USN, SOFWERX
  • Dr. William F. Bundy, U.S. Naval War College
  • COL John Dillard USA (ret), NPS Systems Engineering
  • Adam Hesch, DIU Rogue Squadron
  • Garth Jensen, NSWC Dahlgren
  • Col Todd Lyons USMC, NPS Senior Marine
  • MODERATOR: Dr. Jeff Paduan, NPS Dean of Research

1115 NPS Student Innovation - LCDR Santhosh Shivashankar USN, NPS Network Operations & Technology student

1130 LUNCH

fetch takeaway lunch to bring back to the next panel!

1200 PANEL 2: "Just One Thing": The Entrepreneurs 

  • Romin Dasmalchi, Kaman
  • David Marchetti, Ocean Power Technologies
  • David Merrill, Elroy Air
  • Scott Newbern, AeroVironment
  • Chris Smith, AT&T
  • MODERATOR: Dr. Raymond Buettner, NPS FX Director

1315 NPS Field Experimentation - Mr. Gregory Arenas, NPS Field Lab Site Manager

1330 PANEL 3: NPS Research

  • Dr. Christopher Brophy, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Dr. Don Brutzman, Information Sciences
  • Dr. Mollie McGuire, Information Sciences
  • Dr. Jonathan Phillips, Physics
  • Dr. Todd Weatherford, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Oleg Yakimenko, Systems Engineering
  • MODERATOR: Dr. Brian Bingham, NPS CRUSER Director

1430 Guided Lab Tours 

- meet in the ME Auditorium foyer (all tours leave at 1430)

1600 Networking Social - Trident Room

"Logistics in Contested Environments"

23-26 September 2019
M-W 0800-1600, Th 0800-1200
Glasgow 102

Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA


4 - 8 February 2019
Camp Roberts, CA

Focus Area: Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief

—Experiment Proposals for this event are closed—

Click here to register (required for all JIFX participants [experimenters, observers, media, etc])


29 April - 3 May 2019
Camp Roberts, CA

Focus Areas: Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Command and Control (C2), Autonomous Systems, and Cybersecurity


5 - 9 August 2019
Camp Roberts, CA

Focus Areas: Autonomy, Human Machine Teaming, Command and Control (C2), and Cybersecurity

NPS RoboDojo Website

The RoboDojo is located in Root Hall 125 A/B (On the library end of Root Hall)

The RoboDojo is a dynamic innovation space (located on NPS campus in Root Hall, Room 125) where students, staff, faculty, and friends can come 'tinker' and learn about robot components and systems. Whether you're five or seventy-five years old, the RoboDojo is designed to promote informal hands-on learning with open hours and volunteer mentors to help the NPS community learn about:

  • rapid prototyping (e.g, with 3D printers and laser cutters);
  • embedded computing (e.g., with Arduino and Raspberry Pi);
  • basic electronics (e.g., with various electronics and breadboard components);
  • robotic software programming (e.g., for Robot Operating System in Python);
  • and more!  

The RoboDojo also hosts various community-led workshops, including recent gatherings on topics ranging from Basics of Solidworks, Intro to Printed Circuit Boards, to Laser Cutting and Engraving, and a Raspberry Pi Workshop.  The RoboDojo represents a grassroots initiative to promote collaborative and community learning, so feel free to stop by and learn about robots!

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