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From actual COs and Sailors who have used circadian-based watchbills such as the 3/9:


“We implemented the 3/9 Circadian watch rotation on deployment and I saw an immediate uptick in watchstander alertness on the bridge.  People were more focused, less fatigued, and the stable routine made them more effective.”

                     Capt John Cordle, USS SAN JACINTO (CG 56)


“3/9 is a no-brainer of a "win"... I was skeptical, but now a HUGE believer that its the only way to go”.

                     Capt Brad Cooper, USS GETTYSBURG (CG 64)


“We did this throughout all of my command tours.  I liked it - I felt I had a more alert and ready watch team, and that their recovery periods were more productive. “

                     Capt Mark Scoville, USN 


"Staring at a display for hours - you have to stay attentive," she said. "This makes it easier."

                    Petty Officer 1st Class Sandra Flowers, Sonar Technician, USS TRUXTUN (DDG 103)


"Now I have time to get things done other than try to sleep."

                     Boatwain’s Mate 3rd Class Eric Lettow, USS TRUXTUN (DDG 103)


“The 3/9 is the only watchbill I have stood – why would a ship use any other rotation?”

                     Ltjg Sam Braddock, USS STOUT (DDG 55)


"I know that there's lots of medical side effects to just not having a good, regular sleep pattern.  The crew loved it…I saw a great response."

                   Commander Seth Burton, USS SCRANTON (SSN 756)


“Bottom Line – I used this (3/9) because it made us better.  It provided us better rest and more alert watch teams, and the ability to surge to unforeseen situations…even on an AMPHIB.”

                  Capt Mark Scovill, USN; CO of USS TORTUGA, USS GUNSTON HALL and IWO ARG Commodore


“On my MCM, the watch teams - to a man - were fans of the circadian watch rotation. While our manning did not support this for all stations, it was readily apparent that it had a positive impact on key watch standers alertness and effectiveness.  We  SWOs should never wear fatigue as a badge of honor.”

                    LCDR Matthew Gleason, CO USS DEXTROUS (MCM 13)


“After implementing a 3/9 rotation in Reactor Department, we achieved a reduction in mistakes and in rework of corrective maintenance caused by drowsiness in the operation of the propulsion plant.”

                     MMNCS Jay Holley, LCPO USS NIMITZ (CVN 68)

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