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Information for Command and Staff


We are here to provide you with tools that you can use to combat fatigue and improve crew endurance in your command. Use the sample briefings, ship instructions, videos, checklists and articles for your education as well as to motivate your crew as you embrace an innovative policy of Crew Endurance.

The resources of the Crew Endurance Team at the Naval Postgraduate School are available to assist you in your efforts. Please read on and let us know how we can help in your efforts. 

Sleep is a weapon: Good commanders employ it wisely and neglect it at their peril.

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Leaders' Resources

Warfighting Serial Ten 2 FEB 2016 (doc) Warfighting first is our number one priority. This briefing discusses the importance of Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep for improving and maintaining operational performance and combat readiness.

Force Operational Notes Newsletter (pdf) This Force Operational Note was sent to the US Navy Submarine community in Spring 2015. It discusses the benefits of Crew Rest for the submarine community and describes efforts to move away from the 6/12 watchstanding schedule whas has been used by the submarined community for decades. For the first time, submariners are being encouraged to try a circadian-based schedule, the 8/16, which allows crewmembers to sleep at the same time each day.  

Circadian Rhythm Message (doc) This message was sent to the USN Surface Fleet to encourage the use of circadian-based watchbills.


Crew Endurance and Fatigue Management (ppt) is a PowerPoint brief prepared for USN Surface Forces. Here is the pdf link to that file (Crew Endurance (pdf)). Contained in the 18 slides are talking points that provide an overview of the benefits of a crew endurance program, the scientific rationale behind a circadian-based watch bill, some guiding principles and recommendations and lessons learned from the Fleet.


Epworth Sleepiness Scale (doc) This scale can be administered to you or your crew to determine if you are experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness, an indication of a chronic sleep debt that puts you and your crew at higher risk of an accident.

Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index (pdf) This standardized test is a self-reported test used by scientists to determine the quality of your sleep over the past month. The scale can be administered to you and your crew to determine current sleep status -- and to monitor how changes in schedules are affecting your crew.

USS SHIP Sample Questionnaire (doc) Sample Questionnaire to assess crew satisfaction with watchbill. This document has been used by commands on multiple ships to assess the crew and can be tailored to your specific ship and watchbill. The NPS Crew Endurance Team is available to help with analysis and recommendations.

Sample Ship's Notice for Implementing a Circadian Watchbill (doc) This sample Ship's Notice can be used as a template for writing an instruction to get a circadian watchbill started on your ship.

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