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What is Crew Endurance?

The ability to maintain [effective] performance within safety limits while enduring job-related physical, psychological, and environmental challenges.

Why Crew Endurance Matters...

Operational effectiveness depends on crew endurance. If crewmembers are overly fatigued, mission accomplishment, performance and safety are in jeopardy. Morale suffers. Chronic sleep debt has long-term physical and mental health consequences and degrades total system performance.

Our Vision

To enable individuals and their commands to design their daily work and rest schedules to achieve better crew endurance, healthier quality of life, and optimal combat effectiveness.

Our Goals

To highlight the benefits of establishing a watch schedule based on circadian rhythms that improves the work/rest patterns of Sailors, thereby increasing the endurance and readiness onboard Navy ships with minimal cost and disruption to a command.

To provide a central resource for Commanders and their staff to identify and implement policies, procedures, and watch rotations proven to reduce levels of fatigue.

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Site Summary

This site offers tools, resources, and instructions for implementing more effective watch rotations and improving Crew Endurance. Here's a summary of the site content:

  • Explanation of circadian rhythms and circadian watchbills
  • Best practices and guiding principles to design a schedule tailored to your individual command
  • Sample watch rotations proven to support healthy work and rest schedules
  • Sample command instruction for implementing a circadian watchbill
  • A Commander's Plan of Action and Milestones
  • Resources to help recognize and mitigate stress-related fatigue
  • Testimonials and lessons learned from commands that have benefitted from circadian-based watch schedules
  • Important messages from the fleet

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Provided to commanders and their staff to share some of the valuable lessons learned through scientific investigation and trial and error by other Naval commanders. It gives examples of some past watchbills that have been used effectively.

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  • New Photo aboard US Navy ship awarded National Geographic's 2018 top 100 photos of the year (Read More).

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