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CCMR's faculty and staff come from diverse academic/practical backgrounds and have contributed to a variety of works published by prestigious instutions.  See below for a list of titles.


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  • Conflict and Cooperation in the Global Commons By: S. Jasper In the face of persistent threats, some hybrid in nature, and their consequences, Conflict and Cooperation in the Global Commons provides a forum where contributors identify ways to strengthen and maintain responsible use of the global commons.
  • Contract Administration By: W.D. Davidson, E. Wright In Contract Administration, William D. Davison, CPPO and Elisabeth Wright, Ph.D., CPCM, focus on the achievement of stated goals and objectives through contract performance.
  • Defense Acquisition Management By: E. Wright Defense Acquisition Management is a “reader,” that is, it is a collection of articles on various aspects of Defense Acquisition Management.
  • Fighting Back: What Governments Can Do About Terrorism By: P. Shemella This book explains how governments can construct and execute the most effective strategies to combat terrorism—and how they can manage the consequences of those acts of terrorism they cannot prevent.
  • Germany and the United States in the Age of Terror By: Donald Abenheim The Naval War College Review was established in 1948 and is a forum for discussion of public policy matters of interest to the maritime services. The forthright and candid views of the authors are presented for the professional education of the readers. Articles published are related to the academic and professional activities of the Naval War College. They are drawn from a wide variety of sources in order to inform, stimulate, and challenge readers, and to serve as a catalyst for new ideas. Articles are selected primarily on the basis of their intellectual and literary merits, timeliness, and usefulness and interest to a wide readership. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the U.S. Navy Department or the Naval War College.
  • Global Politics of Defense Reform By: T. Bruneau, H Trinkunas This volume highlights the impact of global trends on defense reform and civil-military relations, including phenomena such as globalization and economic liberalization that are not usually associated with such matters.
  • Global Responses to Maritime Violence By: P. Shemella Global Responses to Maritime Violence is a full discussion of maritime security short of war that goes beyond the current literature in both scope and perspective.
  • Knowledge and Power: Essays on Politics, Culture, and War By: Gordon A. Craig This volume gathers previously uncollected articles from the last quarter of a career that spanned six decades. Placing politics in the perspective of culture, and culture in the perspective of politics, these essays examine the persistent tension between liberalism and militarism in German history, and include the author's reflections on political leadership, intellectual creativity, and military catastrophe.
  • Maras: Gang Violence and Security in Central America By: T. Bruneau, L. Dammert, E. Skinner Eleven experts provide a complete, objective assessment of mara gang violence in Central America.
  • Naval Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Operations: Stability from the Sea By: James J. Wirtz & Jeffrey A. Larsen This edited volume explores stability, security, transition and reconstruction operations (SSTR), highlighting the challenges and opportunities they create for the US Navy.
  • Patriots for Profit By: T.C. Bruneau This book develops a new approach to the analysis of civil-military relations by focusing on the effectiveness of the armed forces in fulfilling roles & missions, and on their efficiency in terms of cost.
  • Reforging the Iron Cross: The Search for Tradition in the West German Armed Forces By: Donald Abenheim Recent controversies about Ronald Reagan's visit to the Bitburg military cemetery and revelations about Kurt Waldheim's past underscored the political problems inherent in Germany's military traditions and in the relationship of the army to National Socialism. The Allied victors disbanded the German armed forces after World War II, only to press for the arming of the Federal Republic of Germany under the altered political conditions of the cold war. This book is the first comprehensive narrative and analysis of the efforts of German military professionals to discover for their new army an acceptable body of tradition in the proud, ambiguous, and at times criminal history of the German soldier.
  • Rettet den Staatsburger in Uniform! By: Donald Abenheim Im Mittelpunkt des Sammelbandes steht der »Staatsbürger in Uniform« und gleichzeitig die Sorge um diese Institution. Die Sorge gilt dem Inbegriff für eine zivil-militärische Kultur, die in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und in den Vereinigten Staaten dazu beigetragen hat, die Streitkräfte in der Demokratie zu verankern. Die einzelnen Beiträge analysieren aus unterschiedlicher Perspektive, dabei mit einem besonderen Augenmerk auf die Traditionsproblematik, welchen Anfechtungen diese Kultur und ein entsprechendes soldatisches Selbstverständnis diesseits und jenseits des Atlantiks ausgesetzt waren. Sie zeigen, wie beides unter den Bedingungen der »neuen Kriege« der letzten Jahrzehnte, mit ihren erheblichen innenpolitischen Rückwirkungen, Schaden nimmt – zum Schaden für die Demokratie insgesamt. Die Analyse beruht auf der langjährigen und intimen Kenntnis der Autoren von den politisch-militärischen Verhältnissen in Deutschland wie in den Vereinigten Staaten.
  • Risk Management in Public Contracting By: E. Wright In Risk Management in Public Contracting, Elisabeth Wright, Ph.D., CPCM, offers a concise yet thorough overview risk and risk management in public sector contracting.
  • Romania in Europa si in Lume By: Zodian, Mihai V.; Zodian, Vladimir & Matei, Florina Cristiana Selection on a multitude of events often seemingly contradictory, the authors have tried to reconstruct the main projects, phases and activities that materialized Romanian foreign policy in the post-Cold War era.
  • Securing Freedom in the Global Commons By: S. Jasper The book is written for security professionals, policy makers, policy analysts, military officers in professional military education programs, students of security studies and international relations, and anyone wishing to understand the challenges we face to our use of the global commons.
  • Security Forces in African States: Cases and Assessment By: P. Shemella & N. Tomb Security Forces in African States: Cases and Assessment is an important work with the potential to redefine how African governments improve the governance and capacity of their security institutions. The book is intended for students, scholars, and practitioners—both Western and African.
  • Single Sourcing: A Multi-Country Analysis of Non-Competitive Defence Procurement By: IDARM & Transparency International UK Transparency International UK's Defence and Security Programme {Tl-DSP) partnered with the International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) Program of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School to explore trends in the award of non-competitive or single-source contracts. Data from 45 countries around the world and from the European Defence Agency was requested, and a detailed examaination of both qualitative and quantitative defence procurement data from those countries that responded are included in this report. The report is available in PDF.
  • Small Wars and Insurgencies Journal By: P.B. Rich, T.D. Young, T. Mockaitis Small Wars & Insurgencies provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for the academic and scholarly discussion of the historical, political, social, economic and psychological aspects of insurgency, counter-insurgency, limited war and irregular warfare.
  • Soldiers, War, Knowledge and Citizenship: German-American Essays on Civil-Military Relations By: Donald Abenheim Generals in politics. Soldiers as terrorists. War in Europe and Asia. Populism and authoritarianism or even fascism as the wave of the future? Where, how, and why have the principles of citizenship and military service evolved in the passage from the age of total war from the mid-20th century to the new forms of warfare visible in the 21st century?
  • Strategic Cyber Deterrence By: Scott Jasper The Active Cyber Defense Option
  • Terrorism Financing and State Resources: A Comparative Perspective By: J.K. Giraldo, H.A. Trinkunas Through a series of thematic chapters and organizational and regional case studies—examining terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, and regions such as East Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and South East Asia—the authors provide a comprehensive assessment of the state of our knowledge about the nature of terrorism financing, and the evolution and effectiveness of terrorist strategies and government responses.
  • The Routledge Handbook of Civil-Military Relations By: T.C. Bruneau, F.C. Matei This new Handbook offers a wide-ranging, internationally focused overview of the field of civil–military relations.
  • Transforming Defense Capabilities By: S. Jasper In the face of today's security challenges, there is widespread recognition of the need to think and act in new ways to ensure both national and collective security interests. Transforming Defense Capabilities succinctly describes what transformation means in this context, why it is essential, and how to translate innovative concepts into relevant, feasible, and useful practice.
  • Who Guards the Guardians and How By: T.C. Bruneau, S.D. Tollefson An in-depth study of current civil-military relations in democratic countries worldwide.

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