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IDT PM Scott Jasper Speaks on ISIS as Adaptive Hybrid Threat
Scott Jasper, the International Defense Transformation (IDT) Program Manager, spoke about Countering ISIS: An Adaptive Hybrid Threat at an International Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria in late September. Read More

CCMR Exercises-LDESP Team Concludes US-India Bilateral Exercise
The combined CCMR Exercises-LDESP teams have just concluded their support to the 2016 US-India ‘Yudh Abhyas’ exercise in Chaubattia, Uttarakhand, India. Read More

CASI conducts "Collaborative Disaster Preparedness and Response" workshop in Da Nang
The Collaborative & Adaptive Security Initiative (CASI) of the Center for Civil-Military Relations recently concluded a workshop focused on disaster preparedness and response. Read More

US-India bilateral exercise to concentrate on peace operations
The CCMR Exercises team has completed planning for the 2016 US-India ‘Yudh Abhyas’ exercise. Read More

Beirut: Legislatures & the Armed Forces
Between 25-28 April 2016, a Center for Civil Military Relations (CCMR) team delivered a seminar on the topic of “Legislatures & the Armed Forces” for 23 participants (4 civilians, and 19 military ... Read More

LDESP Supporting US/Korea Foal Eagle Field Training Exercise at Fort Bliss
Dr. Mark Peterson presenting on History, Culture, Religion of Republic of Korea to 1 SBCT 2 ID as they prepare to support: Foal Eagle is a combined Field Training Exercise (FTX) conducted an... Read More

Dr. Tristan Mabry discusses power sharing arrangements that can be used to defuse group conflict with students in the CCMR in-residence course “Managing Ethnic Conflict and Religious Violence."
The course is offered in various countries throughout the year and in Monterey every December. Read More

Latin American Program Executes "Civil-Military Relations: Implementing Strategic Planning: Personnel Management Policies" in Santiago, Chile
CCMR’s Latin America Program conducted a Civil-Military program for Academia Nacional de Estudios Politicos y Estrategicos (ANEPE) in Santiago, Chile. Read More

Successful Event in Guinea-Bissau Guides the Nation's Civil-Military Relations in the Right Direction
From August 17th through 21st, CCMR delivered a seminar on civil-military relations in Guinea-Bissau.  Guinea-Bissau, a small, west African nation and former Portuguese colony, has become a major... Read More

CASI executes "Collaborative Disaster Preparedness" workshop in Da Nang, Vietnam
CCMR recently concluded a workshop focused on international disaster relief coordination, in Da Nang, Vietnam Read More

CCMR Helps Mediterranean Crisis in Illegal-Migration
Maritime security experts from over 19 countries, including CCMR's Maritime security expert, Tim Doorey, gathered in Athens, Greece to address the growing crisis created by illegal human migration through the Mediterranean Sea. Read More

CCMR Facilitates 'A Comprehensive Approach' Educational Forum in Bucharest
CCMR's Scott Jasper led a diverse team from across the NPS campus, in a successful forum covering topics including Multidiminsional Peacekeeping and Maritime, Cyber, and Energy Security in Bucharest, Romania. Read More

IDARM conducts “Managing Complex Defense Projects” course during 17-20 FEB 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic
The International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) program within the Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR) conducted a “Managing Complex Defense Projects” course in Prague, Czech ... Read More

The Jakarta Post - US to get involved in RI military
 Indonesia and the United States have stepped up their defense cooperation with the signing of an agreement under which the former will get more support and assistance from the US in planning and... Read More

International Defense Acquisition Negotiations In-Residence Course
The International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM) program concluded its International Defense Acquisition Negotiations in-residence course on 26 November. This annual eight day course ... Read More

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