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At A Glance

Since 2012, CCMR has been a part of over 1500 events with partners from over 160 countries.  Working with 75,000+ individuals, CCMR has been striving to build partner capacity and improve interagency and international coordination and cooperation by addressing civil-military challenges all over the world.

Participants by COCOM

All Around the Globe

CCMR was established in 1994 to assist emerging democracies in addressing the civil-military challenges of the post-Cold War world.  While that mission remains, CCMR has evolved to partner with an ever-broadening range of regions and countries.

We Are Growing

Each year, CCMR's individual programs have expanded to allow for more opportunities to engage with partners in a broader range of event types. In addition, we are continually growing and changing to accomodate increading demand for our programs.

Event and Participant growth.

Fiscal Year 2016 Student Data 

FY16 was CCMR's most impactful yet, with FY17 poised to be even bigger.  Working with over 15,000 partners from 170 countries in 334 events, we expanded our 16 programs in an effort to reach new corners of the globe.  For more information on where our partners originated in FY16, please explore the map below.