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Where We Work

DIB efforts take place throughout all US Geographic Combatant Commands except for US Northern Command.  This following focuses on DGMT’s global efforts in FY17, where the team supported active and developing projects in 41 countries. 


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In FY17, DGMT worked with 10 partner countries in Africa and has continued efforts into FY18.  Activities are conducted through the Security Governance Initiative (SGI) and Vertically Integrated Logistics Approach (VILA), as well as other ICB efforts.




DGMT supported 6 partner countries in the Asia-Pacific AOR in FY17.  Additionally, DGMT stepped in to support the Maritime Security Initiative (MSI)-- a DoD priority concerning Maritime Security in the region.



swatchEurope & Asia

With multiple lines of effort across 14 partner countries, DGMT had a busy year in FY17.  In addition to multi-year ICB efforts, DGMT also supports the Civil-Military Emergency Preparedness Program (CMEP) as well as VIKING-- a series of multinational interoperability exercises across the region.



swatchMiddle East

DGMT activity grew in the Middle East in FY17 due to increased demand signals for ICB efforts.  DGMT covered all ICB focus areas and worked with 4 partner countries.  Projects will continue to expand into FY18.



swatchWestern Hemisphere

DGMT efforts in the WHEM region span maritime domain awareness, defense planning, resource management, etc.  In FY17, DGMT worked with 7 partner countries and sees continued growth in FY18 projects.