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CCMR offers a variety of course formats including "In-Residence Courses" (offered at our NPS headquarters) and Mobile Education Teams (METs).  For a full list of our course offerings, please explore the links below.  Courses are arranged by program, and clicking on a specific title will provide you with more detailed information including contact information for course coordinators.


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Course In Residence Regional MET
Cybersecurity Policy and Practice P170370   P309370
International Defense Transformation     P309045
Comprehensive Approach to Operations     P309439
Cybersecurity Strategy Development     P309470
Course In Residence Regional MET
Intelligence, Policy, & Democracy P170009 P309287
Intelligence and Democracy   P309149
International Intelligence Fusion Centers     P309452
Course In Residence Regional MET
Civil-Military Approaches to Maritime Security P179548 P279178 P319178
Civil-Military Responses to Terrorism: Maritime Security     P309044
Civil-Military Approaches to Building Maritime Domain Awareness Capabilities   P279177 P319177

Conflict Management & Conflict Recovery

Course In Residence Regional MET
Managing Ethnic Conflict and Religious Violence P170030 P279030 P309462
Preventing & Countering Violent Extremism P179686 P279186 P319286
Security Risks of Refugees & Displaced Persons P173019 P279013 P319066
Reintegration of Ex-Combatants and Violent Extremists P171063 P279014 P309463
Exploring the DDR-SSR Nexus P170003    


Course In Residence Regional MET
Defense Governance P170024 P279464 P309464
Multi-Agency and Interagency Collaboration P170023   P319223
Defense Support to Civil Authorities     P309151

Disaster Management

Course In Residence Regional MET
Civil-Military Coordination in Disaster Relief P170475 P279475 P309475
Disaster Management P170472 P279472 P309472
Logistics for Disaster Relief P170476 P279476 P309476
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Disaster Relief P170398   P309398
Preparing for and Responding to Natural Disasters in Megacities P170477 P279477 P309477