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CCMR offers a variety of course formats including "In-Residence Courses" (offered at our NPS headquarters) and Mobile Education Teams (METs).  For a full list of our course offerings, please explore the links below.  

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In-Residence Courses Calendar

Fiscal Year 2019

In-Residence Courses Calendar

Fiscal Year 2020

Course Catalog

Fiscal Year 2019-2020

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Civil-Military Relations (CMR))

General Civil-Military Relations

Course Resident Mobile Regional
Civil-Military Relations Pre-Survey   P309073  
Civil-Military Relations CONUS Planning P171069    
Civil-Military Relations MET   P309070 P273001
Local Focus Program on Civil-Military Relations   P309194  
Armed Forces & Democracies   P309152  
Understanding Roles & Missions of the Armed Forces   P309156  
Civil-Military Relations for Junior Military Leaders   P309137  
Contemporary Defense Issues for Junior Military Leaders   P309493 P279493
Intelligence, Policy, & Democracy P170009 P309287  

Applied Civil-Military Relations

Course Resident Mobile Regional
Enhancing the Professionalism of the Military   P309117  
Strategic Communications, Media, and Perception of the Armed Forces   P309148  
Civil-Military Approaches to Elections Security   P309139  
Women’s Integration into the Armed Forces   P309465  
Executive-Legislative Relations in Defense   P309150  
International Intelligence Fusion Centers   P309452  
Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration   P309138  

Strategy, Planning, & Decision Making

Course Resident Mobile Regional
Executive Program in Defense Decision Making P170001 P309121  
Strategic Leadership   P309116  
National Security Planning   P309195  
Women in Strategic Defense & Security Decision Making P179840 P319840  
International Defense Transformation   P309045  
Defense Planning Certificate P170006 P319248  
Security, Governance, & Insitutional Capacity Building P170036 P319080 P319080  
Implementing Strategic Planning: Developing Effective Personnel Management Policy   P309140  
Preparing for Strategic Defense Reviews: Promoting Effective and Efficient Armed Forces   P319053  
Intelligence & Strategic Decision-Making   P309149  
Comprehensive Approach to Operations   P309439  
Cybersecurity Policy & Practice P170370 P309370  
Cybersecurity Strategy Development   P309470  

Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP)

Course Resident Mobile Regional
Civil-Military Responses to Terrorism P179018 P309069 P273011
International Homeland Defense   P309158  
Civil-Military Responses to Terrorism: Border Security   P309227  

Maritime Security

Course Resident Mobile Regional
Civil-Military Approaches to Maritime Security P179548 P319178 P279178
Civil-Military Responses to Terrorism: Maritime Security   P309044  
Civil-Military Approaches to Building Maritime Domain Awareness Capabilities   P319177 P279177

Prevention, Relief & Recovery (PR&R)

Conflict Management & Conflict Recovery

Course Resident Mobile Regional
Managing Ethnic Conflict & Religious Violence P170030 P309462 P279030
Security Risks of Refugees & Displaced Persons P173019 P319066 P279013
Reintegration of Ex-Combatants and Violent Extremists P171063 P309463 P279014
Preventing & Countering Violent Extremism   P319286 P279186


Course Resident Mobile Regional
Defense Support to Civil Authorities   P309151  
Multi-Agency & Interagency Collaboration   P319223  
Defense Governance P170024 P309464 P279464

Disaster Management

Course Resident Mobile Regional
Civil-Military Coordination in Disaster Relief P170475 P309475 P279475
Disaster Management P170472 P309472 P279472

Security Cooperation & Regional Education

Course Resident Mobile Regional
Regional Security & Cooperation   P309420