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About Us

Based at the US Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey CA, the Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR) was originally established in 1994 to assist newly emerging democracies in addressing the civil-military challenges of the post-Cold War world.  Since its founding, CCMR has evolved to partner with a much broader range of regions and countries.  Within the contemporary security environment, CCMR enables current US policies and strategies by offering a full spectrum of programs.  The Center prepares practitioners from all over the world for new levels of leadership in their national security communities.



CCMR builds partner capacity and improves interagency and international coordination and cooperation by addressing civil-military challenges.  These challenges include: enhancing civil-military relations, supporting defense reform and institution building, improving peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations, and combating terrorism.


Core Competencies

Addressing interagency and international coordination is at the heart of today’s civil-military challenges. CCMR greatly enhances and supports other programs through its wide range of capabilities.  CCMR core competencies include, but are not limited to:


Core Competencies



CCMR's unique capacity-building programs utilize cutting-edge theoretical and applied expertise. Our programs address democratic defense management norms throughout the world in order to improve legitimacy, effectiveness and efficiency of defense and security institutions. The degree of engagement varies for each region, country or partner.



Developing Customized Solutions

CCMR assists sponsors in addressing their education and training (E&T) challenges by developing and implementing customized E&T solutions. Our programs and activities are tailored to meet the mutual security interests of our sponsors and the countries and regions in which we work. As a result, CCMR’s competencies cover a wide variety of topics and activities. CCMR develops and brings together a variety of approaches to address the myriad of civil-military challenges throughout the world. These approaches are applied using the following process:

  1. Understanding fully the sponsor’s education and training challenges;
  2. Conducting a comprehensive regional assessment (considering the historical and cultural context);
  3. Developing a well-researched action plan;
  4. Implementing the agreed action plan in coordination with regional actors;
  5. Providing a reassessment review and refinement of the overall plan.

Leveraging World-Class Faculty and Subject-Matter Experts

CCMR leverages NPS’s teaching and research capabilities by involving university faculty in the design and facilitation of its educational activities. Additionally, the Center employs a wide network of multinational subject matter experts. Teams include academic experts, retired high-ranking military officers, and civilian experts from either the US Government or executive agencies.

Leading Civil-Military Relations Curriculum Development

CCMR’s faculty is continuously and actively contributing to the body of knowledge in civil-military relations by organizing and participating in international conferences with large audiences from both practitioner and scholarly fields; conducting research in various countries; as well as by actively publishing its findings.

Building Partner Capacity Through Education

CCMR builds partener capacity through a variety of educational formats including: 


Educational formats