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Thomas-Durell Young

Program Manager, Europe Regional Program

Dr. Thomas-Durell Young is the Program Manager for the European regional program. Dr. Young also holds the position of Staff Consultant at the RAND Corporation (Santa Monica), where he works on teams examining national defense and political-military issues. Prior to joining CCMR, Dr. Young was a Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College where he focused in European politico-military issues, as well as joint planning, execution and management systems and procedures. He holds a Ph.D. in international economics and policy from the Institut Univérsitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales, Université de Genève (Geneva, Switzerland) and an M.A. with Great Distinction from the School of Advanced International Studies, the Johns Hopkins University (Bologna/Washington, DC). He has authored/co-authored 5 books and monographs and more than 100 book chapters, articles and book reviews. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the journal Defence & Security Analysis. From 1989 to 2017 he was North American editor of Small War and Insurgencies, and has been on the editorial boards of the PfP Consortium’s Connections and the Australian Army Journal (Canberra).

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Young, Thomas-Durell (2018): Programming challenges and impediments to reform: identifying pragmatic solutions, Defense & Security Analysis, DOI: 10.1080/14751798.2018.1421404

Young, Thomas-Durell (2017): "Can NATO's "new" allies and key partners exercise national-level command in crisis and war?" Comparative Strategy, 37:1, 9-21, DOI: 10.1080/01495933.2018.1419711.

Young, Thomas-Durell (Dec. 2016), “The Challenge to Defense Reform in Central/Eastern Europe, with Reference to Slovenia” in Contemporary Military Challenges, Liliana Brožic? (ed.), prepared for the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces 18:4, pp. 15-34.

Young, Thomas-Durell (Dec. 2016), “Is the US's PPBS Applicable to European Post-Communist Defence Institutions?,” The RUSI Journal, 161:5, 66-75 DOI: 10.1080/03071847.2016.1253382. 

Young, Thomas-Durell (Aug. 2016), “The Challenge of Reforming European Communist Legacy ‘Logistics’,” The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 29:3, pp. 352-370, DOI: 10.1080/13518046.2016.1200376.

Young, Thomas-Durell (May 2016), “When Programming Trumps Policy and Plans: The Case of the US Department of the Navy,” Journal of Strategic Studies, DOI: 10.1080/01402390.2016.1176564. 

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