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Security Cooperation & Regional Education

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Our mission is to design and deliver regional educational programs, training events and exercises focused on battalion through division-task force level staffs. The education and training are tailored to support Command training objectives.

SC&RE is based at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. Established in 2000, the program supports Combatant Commands, the National Guard and partner countries through workshops, multinational and interagency exercise planning, design, control and evaluation. The program conducts:

  • Security Cooperation Exercises: SC&RE delivers a nearly unique education and training package that directly supports regional security training and exercises. Our events challenge multinational military staffs to function effectively and coordinate full-spectrum missions in complex operational spaces. Our instructor-facilitated model enhances training value through a combination of academic lectures, direct staff coaching, and dynamic scenario-based vignettes and exercise scripts.
  • Regional Education: The SC&RE regional seminars are customized for each mission/operational environment and orient participants to the history, culture, political situation, security threats, regional interests, US policies and other key areas of engagement in country/region of interest.


  • Civil-Military Coordination in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations
  • Peace and Stability Operations
  • Multidimensional Approaches to Counter Insurgency and Hybrid Threats
  • Cultural Engagements
  • Regional Orientation
  • Working with Partners
  • Coordinated Missional Analysis, Planning & Decision-Making in Complex Operational Spaces

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Scott Moreland
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Robert Tomasovic
Colonel (Ret.) Robert (Bob) Tomasovic assists with the coordination of the Security Cooperation & Regional Education” program.  He previously served as the Program Manager for the Security Co ... Read More