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Latin America

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The CCMR Latin America Program brings together military officers and civilian practitioners to focus on real and pressing issues relating to democratic civilian control and military effectiveness. Since the first CCMR Latin America Program in Honduras in 1996, the Center has delivered, on average six seminars annually in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

In addition to the seminars and workshops, CCMR faculty also supported the development of civil society organizations including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), think-tanks and university programs (both military and civilian) that focus on national security.


  • Military, Civil Society, and Democratic Governance
  • Achieving Democratic Control of the Armed Forces
  • Formulating National Security Strategies
  • Defining Roles and Missions for Security Forces
  • Relations with the Legislative Branch
  • The Armed Forces and the Media
  • Intelligence Reform in a Democracy
  • Joint Structures and Joint Education

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Cristiana Matei
Florina Cristiana (Cris) Matei joined CCMR in 2003, and is now a Program Manager for the Civil-Military Relations Program, specializing in Latin America and Intelligence & Democracy. Dr. Matei has ... Read More