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Theses Opportunities

Spacecraft Research and Design Center
Thesis Opportunities


Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence for National Security

Spacecraft Research and Design Center (SRDC) and Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence for National Security (AOCoE) offer thesis opportunities for wide range of disciplines in engineering and science.  AOCoE is a newly established research center sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

SRDC and AOCoE conducts research in spacecraft, adaptive optics, and related technologies focused on national security applications and aims to deepen the technical expertise in this area.  This multidisciplinary research area has wide range of applications such as spacecraft design, spacecraft systems, space telescopes, advanced electro-optical imaging systems, directed energy weapons, laser beam control systems, laser communications, etc.



SRDC and AOCoE provide:

Opportunities to work on the state-of-the-art laboratories and high priority research for DoD. Some laboratories are unique in the world.
There is a strong collaboration with other universities (UCSC, UCLA, Columbia University, AFIT, etc), industries (ITT, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc), and national laboratories (NRL, JPL, AFRL, etc).
Strong funding from DoD.
The testbeds are operational and maintained by researchers and engineers.
Research topics are multidisciplinary and students have options to pick areas.
Structures, dynamics, controls, optics, systems engineering, space telescopes, and High Energy Laser (HEL) beam control.
Analytical and/or Experimental research.
Strong support from professors, research scientists, engineers, and staff.

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Potential thesis topic areas and point-of-contact information is as follows:

Mechanical Engineering
Structures and modal testing
Finite element and structural analysis
Vibration and jitter control
High Energy Laser (HEL) beam control

Professor point of contact:
Prof. Ramesh Kolar (rkolar@nps.edu)
Prof. Jae Jun Kim (jki1@nps.edu)

Astronautical Engineering
Space Telescopes
Distributed Aperture Satellites
Spacecraft Guidance Navigation and Control
Spacecraft Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing
Optical Beam Control and Adaptive Optics
Space Systems Engineering

Professor point of contact:
Prof. Brij Agrawal (agrawal@nps.edu)
Prof. Jae Jun Kim (jki1@nps.edu)

Space Systems Operation
Segmented Mirror Telescope Systems
Space Systems Analysis and Operation

Professor point of contact:
CAPT. Alan Scott (ret) (adscott@nps.edu)
Prof. Brij Agrawal (agrawal@nps.edu)

Electrical Engineering
Robust Control
Multi-dimensional Signal Processing
Image Processing

Professor point of contact:
Prof. Roberto Cristi (rcristi@nps.edu)

Atmospheric Propagation
Wavefront Measurement
Adaptive Optics
High Energy Laser (HEL)

Professor point of contact:
Prof. William Colson (wbcolson@nps.edu)
Prof. Andres Larraza (larraza@nps.edu)

Systems Engineering
High Energy Laser (HEL) systems
Segmented Mirror Telescope systems
System Design and Optimization

Professor point of contact:
Prof. Douglas Nelson (dhnelson@nps.edu)