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NPS Vision

As a naval/defense-oriented research university, the Naval Postgraduate School will operate as a geographically distributed educational system that provides a broad range of high-quality graduate education in support of national and international security. 

Chartered originally to focus on science and technology, NPS has evolved from a single engineering department at the U.S. Naval Academy into an institution that serves naval, defense and national security related interests by providing current and future readiness, advances in technology, and educational and operational programs that directly support all facets of national defense and homeland security. In support of its mission and vision, NPS has identified four main goals in this strategic plan, Vision for a New Century, upon which the School will engage its primary efforts:


  • NPS will sustain continuous improvement in the quality and relevance of our graduate education and research programs.
  • NPS will extend education to the total force and to our global partners.
  • NPS will broaden research in National Security.
  • NPS will seek operational excellence in financial, business, administrative and support areas.