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NPS Explores Next-Generation Acoustic Detection
A team of Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) researchers is partnering with local research institutions to explore some of the latest technology in acoustics sensors, investigating a challenge the Navy h... Read More

Gray Networks: NPS uses social network analysis to cast a bright light on maritime awareness
On November 25, 2018, a large commercial cargo ship suddenly parked itself under the recently-constructed Crimean Bridge over the Kerch Strait, preventing three Ukrainian Navy vessels from reaching th... Read More

From Talent Management to Personalized Terrorism, NPS SOF Student Theses Explore Diverse Topics
The Naval Postgraduate School Department of Defense Analysis (DA) held its biannual Research Week, Jan. 13-17, on the university campus. Home to a majority of the school’s Special Operations Forces (S... Read More

NPS Kicks Off Seapower Conversations Video Series
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) launched a new video series, Nov. 14, featuring university faculty experts discussing the trends, technologies and tactics that shape modern naval power. Coined “Se... Read More

Annual Symposium Puts Technology at the Forefront of Acquisition
Seaside, Calif. - For two days in May, hundreds of acquisition professionals from government, academia and industry across the nation gathered in this arcadian city on California’s central coast to ma... Read More

NSA curricula review leans into Great Power Competition
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) just completed its latest curricula review for the National Security Affairs (NSA) department, adjusting course to meet the new challenges of increasing Great Power... Read More

NPS Team Completes Remote Arctic Research Expedition
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) scientists and students just returned from the heart of the desolate Arctic on an expedition which will deepen our understanding of a rapidly retreating northern ice pa... Read More

Annual Short Course Covers Maritime Technology, Techniques
NPS Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Philip Pace welcomes attendees from the Swedish Armed Forces to the latest Technologies for Information Operations (TIO) short course, O... Read More

NPS Professor's Fulbright Leads to Possible Collaboration
Senior leaders from the Haifa Research Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy attended a series of meetings and tours with NPS Department of Information Sciences Associate Professor Alex Bordetsky on... Read More

NPS Team World Leader in Network-Controlled Maritime Nuclear Radiological Detection
For five years, a Naval Postgraduate School team led by Principal Investigator Prof. Alex Bordetsky has pushed the envelope of network controlled stand-off nuclear radiological threat detection throug... Read More

NPS OR Team Optimizes Defense Against Narco Semi-Subs
A Naval Postgraduate School faculty-student team has developed a mathematical model that determines the best combination and deployment of search platforms to detect and classify self-propelled semi-s... Read More

NPS Grad Cmdr. Joey Frantzen Returns to Monterey as XO of USS Mobile Bay
It takes a lot of qualified men and women to operate the San Diego-based guided missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay (CG-53). The crew of 320 take their responsibilities seriously aboard what could be the m... Read More

Undersea Warfare Academic Group Re-established at NPS
As the military branch tasked with protecting our nation’s waterways, the Navy remains diligent in areas of maritime security and undersea warfare. In 1971, as the Cold War continued and the perceived... Read More

NPS Initiative Creates Public-Private Partnership for Enhanced Maritime Awareness
A prime goal of post-9/11 homeland defense is information sharing across military services and government departments and agencies. Now, a new initiative by the Naval Postgraduate School is capturing ... Read More