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The mission of the Information Sciences Department is to provide graduate education and research in information sciences, systems, and operations.

We focus on the DoD information environment:

  • Operational employment and exploitation of cyberspace in the context of Integrated Fires
  • IO/EW planning and execution in IF
  • Command and Control of IF
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Network Management
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis

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Graduate Degrees

  • MS, Information Warfare Systems Engineering
  • MS, Systems Technology, Joint C4I
  • MS, Network Operations and Technology
  • MS, Information Technology Management
  • MS, Remote Sensing Intelligence (not currently offered)
  • PhD, Information Sciences
  • MS, Cyber Systems and Operations
  • MS, Applied Cyber Operations

Graduate Certificates

  • Information Systems and Operations (not currently offered)
  • Knowledge Superiority (not currently offered)
  • Information Technology Management (not currently offered)

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  • Field experimentation
    • Camp Roberts (CANG)
    • MIO in SF Bay/Alameda
    • International MIO with NATO Center in Crete
  • Center for Network Experimentation and Innovation Lab
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing Lab (Hadoop)
  • Joint Battlespace ISR Integration Capability (JBAIIC) Lab

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  • Field Experimentation:  integration of sensors, networks, platforms (manned and unmanned), and CONOPS
    • Joint Interagency Field Experimentation
      • COCOM/Interagency focus
      • Maritime Interdiction Operations
      • Trident Warrior/Empire Challenge/FBE data collection and analysis
      • CRUSER personnel housed in IS
  • Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) innovation
  • Influence Modeling in IO
  • Knowledge Flows and KM / ROI for IT

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Fast Facts

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MS Degrees offered  |  PhD  |  Certificates





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Contact the IS Department

1411 Cunningham Road GW-3006
Monterey, CA 93943