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Industrial Hygiene



Change of Operations Notifcation

This form is used to notify the Industrial Hygienist of any changes to operations conducted by your department. The notification form may be copied as needed.



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Indoor Air Quality

Individuals working in buildings with indications of poor IAQ shall report the problem(s) to their immediate supervisors. If the Navy maintains the building, the appropriate supervisor shall coordinate all contact with the designated facilities maintenance activity and the region or activity safety manager. If the region or activity is unable to determine the cause of the problem, the safety manager shall request the cognizant industrial hygiene service to initiate an IAQ investigation.


This flow chart describes the appropriate reporting process.

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Industrial Hygiene Survey Reports

Below is a listing of medical surveillance requirements for certain departments and the departmental surveys accomplished by the Industrial Hygienist from Naval Hospital Lemoore.

NOTE -These documents are FOUO and access to them is limited to NPS and NSAM Personnel.