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Colors and Logos

To ensure your site is optimized to the NPS visual standard, ITACS web developers, with the assistance of the Web Advisory Board, have established a global design theme to simplify and streamline your site’s creation.

Liferay NPS Global Theme Web Colors



    RGB: 0 70 121

    HEX: #004679



    RGB: 231 231 233

    HEX: #E7E7E9

Departmental Logos

Your header can contain an optional logo. To optimize website performance, ITACS recommends that your logo is compressed using tinypng (

The max height for the header logo is 70px.


  • Logo Example 1
  • Logo Example 2
  • Logo Example 3

Accent Colors for use in Logos

Custom logos may use the following colors in addition to the primary NPS Liferay Global Theme colors.


    NPS Blue Accent

    RGB: 0 69 124

    HEX: #00447c

    NPS Yellow Accent

    RGB: 255 213 3

    HEX: #fed402

    Cardinal Red Accent

    RGB: 175 33 38

    HEX: #af2126

    Camo Green Accent

    RGB: 91 120 104

    HEX: #5b7868

    Blue Grey Accent

    RGB: 73 114 158

    HEX: #49729e

    Rust Yellow Accent

    RGB: 164 128 64

    HEX: #a48040