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The Naval Postgraduate School produces a variety of publications showcasing the university’s unique mission of advanced graduate education and research.

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Public Affairs Office

Naval Postgraduate School
1 University Circle
Monterey, CA 93943

 (831) 656-1068

Visualització del contingut web Visualització del contingut web

In Review Magazine

Gender Integration July 2016

Launched in 2006, In Review magazine provides a periodic review of the university’s efforts in graduate education and research, highlighting the accomplishments of its dedicated students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

NPS Annual Report 2018 Thumb Image

NPS Annual Report

2018 Annual Report & Fact Book

The NPS Annual Report is published annually to spotlight the university’s major achievements and initiatives throughout the course of the calendar year.

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Update NPS

Update NPS June 2018

Update NPS is the monthly campus newspaper, intended for students, faculty, and staff of the Naval Postgraduate School.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan 2018

Critical to the success of the Naval Postgraduate School is a rigorous annual review of both short-term and long-range institutional strategic planning.

Fact Book/Sheet

Fact Book 2016  |  Fact Sheet 2016

The NPS Fact Book is produced annually to provide detailed data, facts, and figures about the institution, its students, faculty and staff, and resources.

NPS Command Briefs

Command Brief 2017

The Command Brief provides an informative overview of the university and its educational programs and relevance to national security.

Fleet Concentration Areas

Fall 2015

NPS maintains outreach offices in major fleet concentration areas to assist distance learning students (DL) enrolled in the university’s academic programs. Check out this quarterly newsletter for the latest DL offerings and updates.

WASC Accreditation

Institutional Proposal

All universities must undergo a rigorous self-analysis through the process of reaccreditation.