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Tunable SRF cavities for 3D Optomechanics

Date: November 15, 2019
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Spanagel 117

The November 15, 2019 Physics lecture is titled “Tunable SRF cavities for 3D Optomechanics” with Prof. Jay Sharping, University of California, Merced, California, School of Natural Sciences.

Prof. Jay Sharping received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 2003 under the direction of Professor Prem Kumar and served as a postdoctoral scientist at Cornell University in Professor Alexander Gaeta’s Quantum and Nonlinear Optics research group. Jay is currently an Associate Professor at the University of California – Merced where his research plans include all flavors of parametric devices such as the development of optomechanical systems and novel pulsed light sources for applications in signal processing and biophotonics.

For more on this event, please visit Physics Department Colloquia.

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