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NPS Welcomes New Students in 2017 Summer Quarter
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Michael Ehrlich

NPS Welcomes New Students in 2017 Summer Quarter

By MC2 Michael Ehrlich

Lt. j.g. Samuel Strelkoff is one of many new students checking into NPS to begin their education in the 2017 summer quarter. Strelkoff is joining the Space Systems Engineering program, and he is keeping an open mind to the multitude of possibilities the curriculum offers.
“I expect to learn a lot. I had a couple of options for majors, and I picked the one I knew the least about,” said Strelkoff. “My expectations are to grow and learn and to come out the other side a better asset for the Navy.”
The Space Systems Academic Group offers a Master’s Degree with focuses in a variety of subjects including astronautical engineering, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, or physics. Wherever Strelkoff decides to go, he believes that the way to overcome the challenges of being a student, “will be to work hard and when it gets too hard, work harder.”

“I’m coming from the USS America (LHA 6) in San Diego, which was very high energy,” said Strelkoff. “I don’t know how different this will be, but I expect the same kind of high-intensity effort that was required on a daily basis there, to be required here in a different context.”

This quarter NPS welcomes 421 new members to the student body, including 33 international officers from 19 different countries.

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