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NPS Alumnus Vice Adm. William Brown Talks Logistics During Latest SGL
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Victoria Ochoa

NPS Alumnus Vice Adm. William Brown Talks Logistics During Latest SGL

By MC2 Victoria Ochoa

Vice Adm. William A. Brown, Director for Logistics on the Joint Staff, speaks to NPS students, faculty and staff during a Secretary of the Navy Guest Lecture (SGL) in King Auditorium, May 2. Brown spoke about the importance of logistics in the Navy, and was recognized as an NPS Distinguished Alumnus during his visit.

"From a personal standpoint, it's been about 27 years since I've been in this room, and I've got to tell you, it was a time to learn, to think and to develop relationships," said Brown. "I just want to say how valuable it was to me to come to NPS. We have a national treasure here in this school and we've got to work hard to keep it that way."

During the lecture, Brown offered insights to those in attendance about the importance of logistics, and working alongside industry to further the Navy mission.

"If we went to war tonight, what are the things that we would actually do? Have we thought about it? I'm finding out that we haven't come to a cohesive plan in terms of how we would look at industry and surge industry if we go to war tonight," said Brown.

Brown continued to touch on the significance of logistics and readiness and the impact it would have on readiness.

"If the world changes, it should be our responsibility to have a plan on the books and to surge our supply chain," said Brown.

He also informed the students how innovation is a valuable tool in the Navy, and that the effects of 'going out on a limb' would help both them and the Navy as well.

"If you don't think that it's in your job description to innovate, then rewrite your job description," said Brown. "You can innovate in any environment, and I would challenge you to go out on a limb and challenge the status quo.

"My advice to you would be that when it comes to innovation, when you find a problem, don't hide the problem. You unpack the problem and find out what the underlying reasons are," said Brown. "Then you go fix it. If you want to be an innovator, go out and find a problem, solve it, and don't stop until you do."

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