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Step by step - International student, using editor

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You must attend a formatting workshop (step 4) to receive editing services. There will be a sign-up sheet at this workshop.

SharePoint use is required. It is your personal thesis workspace.

URL will be sent to your NPS email address. Keep URL safe until needed.

SharePoint Help

Meet thesis processors; learn our requirements.

Brief Schedule

Have advisor review early chapters. At least three chapters are needed for Thesis Processing review.

Workshop Slides


Where and When


Monday, January 29, 1800–1930


Tuesday, January 30, 1800–1930


Sessions are held at Dudley Knox Library, Room 151.

  • Get help putting your chapters into the thesis template.
  • Attendance is required to receive editing service.
  • The sign-up sheet for editing services will be available at this workshop.


Before the workshop

1. Create a "THESIS FOLDER" on your computer.

2. Download a clean copy of the thesis template into your THESIS FOLDER. Download template here.

3. Place your thesis chapter files in your THESIS FOLDER, ready for formatting.

4. Turn off any other language besides English in your computer and keyboard settings. Language settings tend to corrupt how letters appear in Microsoft Word documents.

5. Ensure you are able to reach your SharePoint site. Contact ITACS if you need help.


Bring to the workshop

1. Your laptop (some laptops are available in the classroom if your computer is not portable)

2. A mouse (strongly recommended)

3. The BLUF handouts from the thesis brief, or download and print from this page

4. Any formatting questions you have


At the workshop

You must decide whether you plan to use an editor. There will be a signup sheet to “Opt In” or “Opt Out” of this free service.

1. Upload your thesis to your SharePoint site. We need three or more solid chapters, a distribution statement, and partial list of references formatted in the NPS template.


2. Click here for your

  • plagiarism (Turnitin) review
  • Thesis Processing Office review


3. Allow 4 to 8 days to hear back from your thesis processor and from your plagiarism reviewer.

If plagiarism is detected in your thesis, seek your advisor’s help with improving your citations and paraphrasing before proceeding to the next step.

If you were advised to get a second Turnitin review, do so before going to the editor.

1. Upload paper to SharePoint.


2. Email Sue Hawthorne at sjhawtho@nps.edu. Sue will assign an editor and put the two of you in touch.


3. Papers will not be accepted for editing after March 16.

Give edited paper to advisors and department chair for review and signatures on your Thesis Release Form.


Warning: Asking your thesis processor for a Final Review without obtaining a clean Turnitin report is at your own risk. If Thesis Processing suspects plagiarism during your Final Review, your thesis will be forwarded to the Dean of Students Office for resolution by an honor board. Your signature on the Thesis Release Form, regardless of advisor and/or chair signature, is your promise that you have followed the NPS Academic Honor Code, which forbids plagiarism.


Upload to SharePoint:

  1. Final Draft
  2. Publication Announcement List
  3. Final Draft Checklist
  4. Signed Release Form



Your thesis processor will review your file and email you with any additional rework needed within 4 to 8 business days. Your processor will also assist with formatting.



  • Remove track changes from thesis.
  • Check references and citations--incomplete references is the most common reason theses are returned to students, which delays completion.
  • File an extension if you will be submitting after the Monday of graduation week. Extensions are granted for one year. Extension forms are available from your Program Officer or Educational Technician. If an extension is granted, IGPO will request that your NPS e-mail account remain active for one year.


A Final Review meets the following conditions:

  • Thesis is signed by student(s), advisors/reader, and chair or dean.
  • Thesis has been through an Initial Review and editing.
  • Signed thesis and all forms are uploaded to your thesis SharePoint site.

When you e-mail your request your Final Review, your thesis package will immediately be marked for Final Review processing; however, if any of the above are missing, we will send your submission back with a request for the missing information, and you will lose your place in line.


Next-day or 2-day turnaround should not be expected.

Ensure equations and images converted to PDF format correctly. Approve final thesis PDF for publication.

Letter is sent by email to you, your advisors, ed tech, the Registrar, and IGPO.

Optimally, letter is received before graduation day; last day to receive letter is the Friday that follows graduation.