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FY17 Naval Key Strategic Issues List (Naval KSIL)

Posted 22 September 2016

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  1. SECNAV’s Priorities: People, Platforms, Power and Partnerships, dated January 2016
  2. CNO’s Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority, dated January 2016
  3. CMC FRAGO: Advance to Contact, dated January 2016


  1. Purpose. The Naval Key Strategic Issues List highlights issues for research and study within the Department of Navy and more importantly to partners external to the Department of the Navy. These external partners include academia, industry, and international partners who are interested in studying and solving the current Naval challenges.
  2. Organization. The FY-17 Naval Key Strategic Issues List synthesizes the topics into the Secretary of Navy’s four issue areas with the addition of Information as the key enabler:
    • People
    • Platforms
    • Power
    • Partnerships
    • Information*

    *Information is included as its own topic area. Many of the topics regarding information significantly impact multiple topic areas from People and Platforms to Power and Partnerships.

    1. Each topic area is further delineated by subtopics to assist researchers in narrowing the focus for their research while maintaining situational awareness for how the study area fits within the broader Department of the Navy. For example, the topic area “People” is subdivided into several sub-topics:
      • Preparing
      • Recruiting
      • Training and Education
      • Managing Talent
      • Retaining
      • Transitioning
    2. Each sub-topic includes specific questions that delineate the questions of greatest importance to DoN. For example, Power might be the topic area, with Expeditionary Energy as a key sub-topic. The questions might include the following:
      • Develop/Assess a New Paradigm Supercapacitor for Energy Storage
      • Develop Educational Programs for Energy Culture Change
      • Explore Potential Energy Alternatives Using Simulation and Evolutionary Algorithms
      • Develop Novel Solid State Energy Conversion System based on advanced High Efficiency Thermophotovoltaic Devices
      • Explore CAD Interoperability for Navy Reuse in Additive Manufacturing (AM), 3D Printing, Maintenance and Training
      • Determine Viable Locales for Waste-to-Energy Technology
      • Conduct Analysis of Fuel Connector Usage
      • Develop/Assess Hi Efficiency Flexible Solar Power System
      • Explore Differential Power Processing to Harvest Maximum Power from Solar Panels
      • Explore equipment, systems and concepts for the Resupply of Distributed Forces
  3. We encourage those who are interested in participating in the research to contact the Research Office at NPS. Our staff can help link external partners with ongoing research and maintain cognizance of those partners who want to ensure their ideas are discoverable by the broader Department of Navy. For questions or feedback on the Naval Key Strategic Issues List please contact the Research Office at the Naval Postgraduate School.

    Research & Sponsored Programs Office
    831-656-3008 (phone)
    831-656-2038 (fax)
    research@nps.edu (email)