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The Department of Applied Mathematics has a multifaceted mission to provide an exceptional mathematical education focused on the unique needs of NPS students, to conduct relevant research, and to provide service to the broader community. A strong and vibrant Department of Applied Mathematics is essential to the university's goal of becoming a premiere research university. Because research in mathematics often impacts science and engineering in surprising ways, the department encourages mathematical explorations in a broad range of areas in applied mathematics with specific thrust areas that support the mission of the school.

Mathematics is the language of science and is fundamental to every quantitative science and technology curriculum on campus. The Department of Applied Mathematics strives to provide a solid mathematical foundation for all students as they make the transition into graduate curricula. We provide high-quality instruction in all courses, giving emphasis to relevant and modern mathematical techniques in our advanced courses. And we encourage students to develop and utilize skills in analysis, reasoning, creativity, and exposition as they acquire knowledge of mathematics and its applications.

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Department News

NPS wide awards: September 2016


NPS awards


A hearty congratulations to at the ceremony held on the Quarterdeck on September 13th, 2016.  
Left: 2LT Tom Knuth receivedThe General Stillwell Chapter award for Outstanding Army Student.  
Middle: Dr. Ralucca Gera received the Richard Hamming Award for Excellence in Teaching and Advising.

Right: LT Zack Lukens received the CNO Undersea Warfare Award.


The Department of Applied Mathematics announces the graduation of yet another Mathematics of Secure Communication Academic Certificate cohort in 2016.


The group is composed of representatives from various branches of the US armed forces, as well as civilian Scholarship for Service (SFS) students: (first row from left) Prof. Pante Stanica (Program Manager); 2LT Tom Knuth,USA; 1LT Brian Weaver, USA; 1LT Austin Harris, USA; 2LT Bijesh Shrestha, USA; Assoc. Prof. David Canright; CDR Thor Martinsen, USN (PMP); 1LT Marcelo Presa, USA; 2LT Oliver Dinallo, USA; CPT Daniel Meadows, USA; Mr. Michio Poppleton, Prof. Craig Rasmussen (Math Dept Chair); Ms. Pauline Ballesteros; LT Daniel Lukaszewski, USN;LT Nicholas Sharpe, USCG; LT David Justamante, USN; 1stLT Rachel Cline, USMC; Capt Victor Castro, USMC.

Promotions in 2016


A hearty congratulations to our colleagues who were promoted this year. Lucas Wilcox was promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure at a ceremony held on the Quarterdeck.


NUMO Ocean Model Mentioned in Nature Article


Through funding from the Department of Energy, Prof. Frank Giraldo in Applied Mathematics, Prof. Wieslaw Maslowski in Oceanography and Dr. Michal Kopera at the University of California - Santa Cruz are developing a nonhydrostatic ocean model for simulating narrow fjords around Greenland.

The NUMO model has already garnered much attention from the climate sciences and ocean modeling communities as is evident by its being mentioned in the following Nature article.  For more information see the NUMO website.


2016 William Randolph Church Award

Ryan Miller

An award is presented annually in honor of Prof. Warren Randolph Church, former chairman of the Mathematics Department.  This award was first presented in June 1972 and is administered through the Faculty Scholarship Committee and the Department of Applied Mathematics.  It is presented to a student at the June Pre-Graduation Awards Ceremony in recognition of outstanding performance in mathematical courses. This year's recipient is CPT Ryan Miller, who is now an instructor at the United States Military Academy West Point



SIAM update

Wei Kang

Professor Wei Kang was elected in 2016 as the Program Director of the SIAM Activity Group on Control and Systems Theory. He will also be a Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee for 2017 SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications.


The Department of Applied Mathematics announces the graduation of its third Network Science Academic Certificate cohort in 2016.


The Department of Applied Mathematics announces the graduation of its third Network Science Academic Certificate cohort in 2016. This diverse graduating class of 18 students represents the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps and includes the Math Department’s first graduating 2LTs from the Army’s newly-formed Cyber branch, two NPS Cyber Academic Group students, one of which is an enlisted Sailor.  Network Science Program Coordinator Associate Prof. of Mathematics Ralucca Gera and Prof. and Chair of Applied Mathematics department Craig Rasmussen stand with the students (U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya). 

For more information about the certificate and its graduates click here.


BAD Math (Bay Area Discrete Math) Conference in Monterey

Prof. Ralucca Gera co-organized  the 2015 Bay Area Discrete Math Day in Monterey California on May 2nd,2015.  Please see the website for further info.


IEEE Control Systems Award


IEEE Control Systems Award recognizes outstanding contributions to control systems engineering, science, or technology—sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society—to the recipient Arthur J. Krener (LFIEEE)—Research Professor, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA for contributions to the analysis, control, and estimation of nonlinear control systems.


The Second Network Science Academic Certificate cohort graduated in 2015


MI5 Woei Chieh Lee, Capt Erik Rye, CDR Gary Lazzaro, Prof. Craig Rasmussen (chair of Applied Math Dept), Associate Prof. Ralucca Gera (Network Science Program Coordinator), CPT Benjamin Davis, CPT Russell Nelson, MAJ Bing Yong Lim, CPT Matthew Fletcher, and LT James Carbaugh (absent).



Prof. Jeremy Kozdon In SIAM News

Prof. Jeremy Kozdon was recently interviewed by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics for an article in the SIAM News detailing his work on modeling the Tohoku Earthquake. You can read the article and view the interview by following this link: Modeling the Tohoku Earthquake.


2013 Department of Applied Mathematics Awardees:  

Prof. David Canright (Instruction), Prof. Beny Neta (Research), and Prof. Carlos Borges (Service). Click here for more details.


Gene Golub SIAM Summer School


Prof. Frank Giraldo organized  the 2012 G2S3 on Simulation and Supercomputing in the Geosciences in Monterey California from July 29-August 20 2012.  Please see the website for further info.



Prof. Guillermo Owen in The Economist

Prof. Guillermo Owen was recently interviewed by The Economist for an article detailing some of the many uses of Game Theory in modeling human behaviour. You can see the interview by following this link: Forecasting human behaviour


2012 Department of Applied Mathematics Awardees: 

Prof. Ralucca Gera (Instruction), Prof. Pante Stanica (Research), and Prof. Craig Rasmussen (Service). Click here for more details


Second Monterey Workshop on Computational Issues in Nonlinear Control

On November 7 & 8 of 2011 we will be hosting the Second Monterey Workshop on Computational Issues in Nonlinear Control. This workshop aims to bring together a diverse group of researchers working on a variety of fundamental computational problems related to nonlinear control. The workshop is sponsored by the Naval Postgraduate School and UC San Diego. We expect partial support from NSF and AFOSR. For details on speakers and a tentative schedule please go to the MWCINC website.


Promotions in 2011


A hearty congratulations to our colleagues who were promoted this year. Craig Rasmussen (left) was promoted Full Professor, and Ralucca Gera (second from right) was promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure at a ceremony held on the Quarterdeck on May 13, 2011.




NUMA Model

The Non-hydrostatic Uniform Model of the Atmosphere that was developed by Prof. Frank Giraldo and his team is currently under consideration for adoption as a primary model for operational predictions. You can learn more about this project at the NUMA website.


Art Krener Receives NOLCOS Award


In early September, at the Eight IFAC Symposium on Nonlinear Control Systems in Bologna, Prof. Art Krener was awarded the “Certificate of Achievement” by the IFAC Technical Committee on Nonlinear Control Systems for his lifetime contribution to the development of nonlinear control theory. This certificate is awarded to one person every three years. He is the second recipient (the first was Alberto Isidori.) Congratulations Art!


Fariba Fahroo Receives AIAA Mechanics of Flight Award


During an August 3 ceremony in Toronto, Canada, NPS Professors Fariba Fahroo (pictured above) and Mike Ross were presented with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Mechanics and Control of Flight Award for their research in applying pseudospectral techniques to optimal control theory. This award is the highest honor given by the AIAA for the mechanics and control of flight.